DIRTY BLONDE By Lisa Scottoline

Welcome to Blonde Week! This week the posts will follow a Blonde Theme. Let’s get started with Lisa Scottoline’s novel from 2006, Dirty Blonde. Cate Fante, a successful lawyer, becomes a Federal Judge. Despite her skills as a lawyer, Cate has a Deep Dark Secret: she randomly picks up men and has sex with them.

When Cate’s first case as a Federal Judge results in a murder, she finds herself stalked, her house is broken into, and her Federal Office is ransacked. Scottoline shows that becoming a Federal Judge can bring some serious consequences and threats. I liked Cate Fante’s style in Court and wish there were more of those scenes. There’s also a subplot with Cate’s closest friend, Gina, whose young son has problems. Do you have a favorite Lisa Scottoline mystery? GRADE: B+

13 thoughts on “DIRTY BLONDE By Lisa Scottoline

  1. Patti Abbott

    I think I have only read one and don’t remember it much. It is rare that I read more than one book by an author now. Whereas 40 years ago I loved doing it. Since I read only about a book a week, I have to think carefully about what it will be. I have gotten slower for sure.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Blonde Week! Cool. But you need to do Redhead Week next.

    Still not at home, so I don’t have any lists with me. For years I kept up with Scottoline’s books, especially the main series, but she really lost me when she brought in Bennie Rosato’s previously unknown evil identical twin to terrorize her. Jackie still reads them. This one sounds like a standalone aND I never heard of it.

  3. George Kelley

    Bill, I’ve done Theme Weeks each Summer over the past few years. Remember Mars Week and Time Travel Week? I had some other ideas, but Blonde Week won out. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Maggie mason

    I used to read her all of the time, but since I rarely get review copies (and don’t really have time to read other than for review) I haven’t read too many of her books lately. I agree about the evil twin, didn’t like those. My favorite might be her first book, Everywhere that Mary went. (She changed the title to Maggie when she signed it for me)


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