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During 1966 to 1972 Michael Critchton wrote a series of thrillers under the pseudonym of “John Lange.” Critchton was learning how to write and finally, with The Andromeda Strain and The Terminal Man, Critchton became a best-selling writer under his own name. HARD CASE recently reprinted the John Lange novels. I read them when they were first published (I didn’t know at the time they were written by Critchton). I found them entertaining. You will too.

11 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #248: THE “JOHN LANGE” NOVELS By Michael Critchton

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I like the Hard Case Crime editions too. I’ve read several of them – Binary, Grave Descend, Zero Cool, The Last Tomb.

    I will catch up with the others.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Rick, here is the order of publication:

    1966 Odds On[33] as John Lange
    1967 Scratch One[34] as John Lange
    1968 Easy Go[35] as John Lange (also titled as The Last Tomb)
    1969 Zero Cool[37] as John Lange
    1969 The Venom Business[39] as John Lange
    1970 Drug of Choice[40] as John Lange (also titled Overkill)
    1970 Grave Descend[42] as John Lange
    1972 Binary[43] as John Lange (re-released as Crichton in 1993)

    The order does not matter when reading as they are all stand-alones.


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