The Mentalist: Red John–The Final Chapter airs tonight with Patrick Jane finally confronting the serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter. The Red John search has dominated the TV series from the beginning. I like the more humorous and whimsical episodes rather than the grim and murderous Red John episodes. Simon Baker, who plays police consultant Patrick Jane, stated in interviews that he’s “relieved” that this plotline is being resolved. I’m still skeptical that the eerily powerful and cunning serial killer can be brought down so easily. But I’ll be watching tonight to see how this story arc gets resolved…if it does. This may not rival the end of the search for the on-armed man on The Fugitive but it holds some drama for long-time fans of The Mentalist. The Buffalo Bills are on a bye this Sunday. How is your favorite NFL team going to do today?


  1. Deb

    After a lackluster, albeit winning, performance against the Falcons this past Thursday nights, the Saints have a semi-bye week and don’t play again until they meet the powerhouse Seahawks in Seattle for the Monday night game on December 2. The 9-2 Saints are going to have to bring far more than the C+ game they brought to Atlanta if they hope to have any chance against Seattle. However, I’ll save my worries for next week. Today I’m making red beans and rice.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    No interest in The Mentalist or serial killers in general.

    The best thing the Giants have going for them today is the Meadowlands – mid-20s at game time with a howling wind and wind chills of 10 degrees or below might give them a better chance against the hated Cowboys. If they lose it’s join the Bills in the “wait till next year” group.

  3. George Kelley

    Jeff, like vampires and zombies, serial killers tend to bore me. But Diane and I have been following THE MENTALIST from the beginning. I guess we–like Patrick Jane–need some closure. We have windchill temperatures in the single digits. But, there’s only a dusting of snow so I’ll have to wait for another weather event before Big Orange gets to show its stuff.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    You can’t go wrong with pizza. We had it for lunch once this week and also had leftover pizza for dinner a couple of times.

    The Meadowlands is known for its swirling winds at the best of times. Today they better be very careful out there. Also, the game starts at 4:25 and it will get darker and colder as it goes along.

  5. George Kelley

    Jeff, the Bills next game is in Toronto in a dome stadium Most fans are unhappy about that. If the game was held in Ralph Wilson Stadium, the weather conditions would be similar to The Meadowlands.

  6. Cap'n Bob

    The Seahawks have a bye and it’s my granddaughter’s birthday, so cake is on my agenda.

    Never watched that TV show, of course.

  7. Richard

    No Mentalist for me. Not sure how the resolution of a several-seasons-long plot line could be “easy”. As for food, banana for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, and we’re having leftovers of a lousy casserole from a new recipe we decided to try. Not good but we won’t waste the food. Jeff had pizza three times in a week. I get it once in five or six weeks. Lucky Jeff! Lucky George for his pizza and chocolate cake. Lucky Deb for the red beans and rice.

    Seahawks, as Bob already said, have a bye. So no football watching (as if I could stand to after yesterday’s really, really awful Oregon game). It’s pre-Thanksgiving house cleaning day (guests tomorrow, Tuesday, Thursday). Sing a song of picking up, vacuuming and dusting.

  8. George Kelley

    Rick, Diane is dusting and vacuuming as I write this. She’s going to call me in to move furniture soon. And, believe it or not, we’re going to put up our Christmas tree today. Patrick flies in Tuesday night. He’s going to do the Christmas tree lights (a thousand of them!). Both Jeff and I could eat pizza every day.

  9. Jeff Meyerson

    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, Cap’n. Same day as mine. I don’t want to upset Rick so I won’t tell him my menu for the day. Oh hell, why not: fried zucchini, mixed green salad, and lasagna (Jackie shared some of her grilled chicken and roast potatoes in exchange for lasagna) and a piece of chocolate cake roll for dessert.

    Hey, you only turn 65 once.

  10. Richard


    George, from a taste and enjoyment standpoint I could eat pizza every day, but I’d weight 400 pounds if I did! By the way, It’s NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET! No tree, no lights, no snowmen, no holiday songs, none of that stuff. TOO EARLY. We do have our Christmas lights up on the house, but they will not be turned on until December 5th or so.

  11. George Kelley

    Rick, we traditionally put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Eve. Actually, the last decade or so it was Katie and Patrick and their friends up put the Christmas tree up and decorated it. Diane would keep the Christmas tree up all year long, but I’ve told her that we’d get Funny Looks from the neighbors so the tree comes down after New Year’s Day.


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