While the Buffalo Bills were putting a 37-14 beat-down on the NY Jets, Diane and I were at Sheas Performing Arts Center to watch the play version of Warhorse. Diane and I had read Michael Morpurgo’s novel, we saw the Steven Spielberg movie version, and now we were looking forward to seeing the play. The horses are puppets operated by three puppeteers. The movements are so life-like, you forget you’re watching a puppet. The story of the love of a boy for his horse amid the horrors of World War I is moving. If this touring company comes to your town. I highly recommend you see Warhorse. GRADE: A

8 thoughts on “WARHORSE

  1. Patti Abbott

    We saw 4000 Miles this weekend, which I also recommend if it comes your way. Won’t be traveling company though (too small a play). Probably a little local theater.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    We wanted to see WAR HORSE when it was at Lincoln Center but with one thing and another (Jackie’s knee, lately) we never did get there.

    Patti, we saw 4000 Miles at Lincoln Center last year. Mary Louise Wilson was wonderful. We enjoyed it too.


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