I stumbled over a reference to Milky Way Midnight Dark in the Wall Street Journal. I’ve never been a fan of Milky Way–I preferred Snickers–but I do like chocolate so I thought I’d give this new version a try. The Milky Way Midnight Dark features dark chocolate, golden caramel, and vanilla nougat. I found the taste okay, but I would have enjoyed some nuts or crunchiness. I think I’ll stick with Snickers or Peanut M&Ms when I need a snack. Do you have a favorite candy? GRADE: C+
Calories 180
Total Fat 7g grams
Saturated Fat 4.5g grams
Trans Fat 0g grams
Cholesterol 5mg milligrams
Sodium 50mg milligrams
Total Carbohydrates 29g grams
Dietary Fiber 1g grams
Sugars 24g grams
Protein 1g grams
0% Vitamin A
0% Vitamin C
0% Calcium
2% Iron


  1. Cap'n Bob

    Not a big dark chocolate fan but I’ll eat it in a pinch! Snickers is good and so are Kraft caramels, Baby Ruth, Chuckles, Almond Joy (despite the dark chocolate), and a ton of others! Like Crunch, Mounds, M&M’s, Rolo’s, Reese’s, Licorice, Kisses, etc.! The only thing I don’t like are sour candies!

  2. Steve Oerkfitz

    I liked it better than you. in fact I had one today. I’m not a big fan of nuts in my candy. My favorite candy is a Three Musketeers. I’m also quite fond of Reeses Peanut Butter Cops, Butterfingers, and Nestles Crunch. About the only candy I don’t like is licorice and Heath bars. But being diabetic I don’t eat as much candy as I’d like. I keep some around to have when my blood sugar gets low.

  3. wolf

    We don’t eat candy – only real chocolate! 🙂 🙂
    Not far from our home in Germany is the factory of Ritter Sport chocolate and in their factory outlet I just bought 10 kg chocolate which has to be eaten soon (Feb 2020 max) in different tastes and sizes for 60 €, around 75$, which is about half the regular price!
    Of course most of this will be eaten by our friends and family in Hungary – everybody that does a service to us gets a package or more, much more appreciated than a small tip.
    So if anyone here comes to Stuttgart once don’t forget to go to Waldenbuch, a nice city in the forest – besides the chocolate factory it has several museums.

      1. Cap'n Bob

        Which reminds me, Brown & Haley is here in Tacoma and they have a factory outlet under a bridge somewhere! Their big seller is Almond Roca, which I also like a lot.

  4. Deb

    I try to avoid candy—with middling success. I like the occasional Kit-Kat bar; I also like Cadbury Fruit & Nut and Carmello bars (autocorrect thinks I mean Carmelo Anthony). John only eats dark chocolate—either Dove or Ghiradelli if we’re buying from Walmart or Walgreens; but if we’re somewhere with a Godiva store, he’ll stock up on their dark chocolate. And Fresh Market and Whole Foods both have premium dark chocolate brands that we’ll buy if we happen to be there.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    I see some that Steve and Deb named that I like too – Three Musketeers (though I haven’t had one in decades), Kit-Kat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Almond Joy, Bounty, various Cadburys or Godivas. At the moment I have a bag of Lindt’s Lindor truffles in the refrigerator. I prefer solid milk chocolate, with or without nuts. Jackie only likes dark. She also loves coconut (hence Mounds rather than Almond Joy, and dark chocolate Bounty).

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      I should make it clear that I rarely eat a chocolate bar as such. I buy a bag of Reese’s or Kit-Kat for Halloween to give out, but since no one comes I end up eating them. But if we pass a Godiva store in the mall we buy four bars (two milk with almonds, two plain dark, usually) for $10, plus I have the Lindts for an occasional treat,

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    Jackie says she also likes dark chocolate with mint, as in York’s Peppermint Patty. In England, besides Bounty, she used to get Terry’s (made in York) version of Kit-Kats, which were somewhat thicker. Unfortunately, after being in business from 1757, Terry’s was taken over by Kraft in 1995 and killed a dozen years later.

  7. Michael Padgett

    I have what most people call a very strange attitude towards candy and other sweets–I just don’t have any sort of craving for them. It’s not that I don’t like them. Offer me a candy bar or a piece of cake and I’ll eat it. But I don’t seek them out on my own. I will confess that of all the kinds of candy bars around, my preference would be Snickers.

    1. george Post author

      Michael, I love Snickers, too. But Diane is canny in keeping candy out of our house. Halloween brings plenty of candy in and we try our best to give it all away. But, sometimes it rains and we’re stuck with a lot of candy. I usually just stick it in the freezer and bring it out during Buffalo Bills games.

  8. Rick Robinson

    I’m also a diabetic, so NO CANDY in this house. If Barbara wants something, usually either a Mounds or Three Musketeers, she buys it then and eats it in the car. On special occasions, I like pie or Ghridelli triple brownies, but that’s just a couple times a year.

    1. Deb

      God, it was awful! Two of my three future sons-in-law (if my daughters are to be trusted)—Freddie Freeman of the Braves and Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers—failed to advance to the next round. Perhaps the Astros’ Alec Bregman (the third future s-i-l and, conveniently, an LSU alum) can stop the trend tonight—but I’m not overly optimistic. Once the Nats tied it up last night, I knew it was gonna be a hard game for the Dodgers to win, but the grand slam was just devastating. I may need a Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar to get me over my sorrow.

      1. Jeff Meyerson

        Yes, it was futile. but the Giants hung in there a lot longer than I expected them to do.

        I honored this blog with one Lindt.

  9. Todd Mason

    Another T2 diabetic heard from, which is a pity since I have a MONSTROUS sweet tooth. However, I love dark chocolate with low sugar content (the heavily cocoa buttery 95%+ bars), and rather like the better sugar alcohol candies. We’ve been exploring No Sugar Added fruit pies a fair amount of late, and low-sugar ice cream (Alice generally likes these as well). Diabetic cookies. Fair amount of fresh fruit. I keep up with my pills.

    I loved sour candy, and still do, and most other types. One I never really dug was Snickers, or Milky Way, or plain milk chocolate or jelly beans (except for the absolute best ones)…but, damn, give me nearly anything else, including licorice.

    Wolf, we get Ritter Sport bars here, as well, though rarely by the kg; I like Manner as well. I had a friend going to college in Switzerland, who was sending along some delightful bars back before diabetes set in.

    1. george Post author

      Todd, Type 2 diabetics have many more options now. Even regular candy (in moderation) can be enjoyed with the help of Trulicity and other diabetic drugs.


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