Bill Crider recommended A Perfect World and you can read his review about it here. Music plays a key role in this movie so you can see (and hear) why Bill ran out and bought the soundtrack to A Perfect World. Kevin Costner breaks out of a maximum security prison and while on the run, takes a young boy hostage. Then, A Perfect World turns into a road movie as Costner and the kid drive around Texas having fun. Clint Eastwood and a band of police are following Costner in a high-tech (for the time) trailer. Laura Dern should have been given more to do. But, all in all, A Perfect World shows Eastwood in an early movie in his director oeuvre…warts and all. GRADE: B+

8 thoughts on “A PERFECT WORLD

  1. Deb

    I agree this is an interesting movie (with, as you note, a wonderful soundtrack), but I have to disagree with this being an early movie in Clint’s directing career. He’s been directing movies since the early 1970s (“Play Misty for Me” was, I think, the first) and he’d directed at least 15 movies prior to this one in 1993.

    1. george Post author

      You’re right, Deb. A PERFECT WORLD has the feel of an early Eastwood movie. I guess I was lulled by Eastwood’s more recent slick movie-making.


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