In the 1950s, two topics held the fascination of the public: amnesia and hypnosis. Dozens of novels and movies used these two elements (I’m sure you can think of several). Richard Matheson’s A Stir of Echoes (1958) centers around Tom Wallace, a guy who is hypnotized at a party and suddenly senses a ghost in his house. In the movie version with Keven Bacon, Tom’s five-year-old son also has the ability to talk to ghosts. The movie takes a turn into Stephen King country as Keven Bacon (aka, “Tom”) becomes obsessed with the case of a missing teenage girl. I was astonished when Bacon starts digging up his back yard searching for the body of the missing girl.

If you’re in the mood for a relentless movie filled with suspense, I recommend Stir of Echoes. Matheson’s novel, A Stir of Echoes is worth reading, too. GRADE: B+ (for both)

8 thoughts on “STIR OF ECHOES [DVD]

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Don’t believe I have ever read the novel, but I have seen the movie and it’s pretty good. My favorite Matheson novel is Hell House with I Am Legend a close second.

    1. george Post author

      Dan, although STIR OF ECHOES uses Matheson’s A STIR OF ECHOES for inspiration, the movie version is clearly Stephen King inspired.


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