AN AVAILABLE MAN By Hilma Wolitzer

Edward Schuyler, a 62-year-old science teacher and bird-watcher, finds himself a widower after his beloved wife, Bee, dies of pancreatic cancer. Edward’s adult step-children decide to “help” him by putting an ad in the New York Review of Books. The 42 responses to the ad for “Science Guy” jump-start Edward’s social life. Hilma Wolitzer captures the spectrum of experiences Edward encounters when he goes “dating after death.” Some of the dates are funny, some sad, some bizarre. I was faked me out twice in reading Hilma Wolitzer’s comedy of manners. If you’re looking for savvy story about love and sex, An Available Man will delight you. GRADE: B+

6 thoughts on “AN AVAILABLE MAN By Hilma Wolitzer

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I’ve read Meg Wolitzer but not her mother, This is the second review that makes me think I’d like to read this one.

    OK, added it to my library ‘hold’ list for when we get back. Fortunately, there is a ‘freeze’ category so I can ‘unfreeze’ everything a week before we leave and they should be waiting for us when we get home. I’ve got seven books on the list so far.

    1. george Post author

      Yes, there is bird-watching in AN AVAILABLE MAN, Rick. A critical scene occurs involving the main character’s bird-watching in Central Park.


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