Anna Nicole is a tragic-comic cautionary tale about the extremes of celebrity culture. Composer Mark Anthony Turnage, librettist Richard Thomas, and director Richard Jones bring Anna Nicole Smith to the level of opera’s most tragic women. This opera of Anna Nicole’s life from sexy Playboy model, to wife of an octogenarian billionaire, to her sudden drug-induced death is filled with glorious music. Eva-Maria Westbroek’s convincing performance and the jazz-flavored music makes this opera worth watching and listening to. The New York Times called Anna Nicole “an engrossing outrageous, entertaining and, ultimately deeply moving opera.” I agree. Check out the trailer below. GRADE: A

7 thoughts on “ANNA NICOLE [Blu-ray]

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    But are there any scenes in Mexia, Texas? They could have got Bill Crider’s brother to talk about her student days (such as they were).


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