Batman disappears and Gotham City panics with the absence of its hero. Bat-Woman decides to search for the Dark Knight and finds Nightwing and Robin on the same mission. Later, Batwing joins the search party. As you might suspect, I’m a fan of these DC animated movies. Batman: Bad Blood is one of the darker films in the series, but the action is lively and the plotting is intense. Just the adventure for a hot Summer night of TV watching! GRADE: B+

2 thoughts on “BATMAN: BAD BLOOD [Blu-ray]

  1. Todd Mason

    I might well give it a try when it pops up on HBO.

    I assume you’re aware of BATWOMAN coming this fall to the CW and PENNYWORTH to Epix this summer.

    1. george Post author

      Todd, I’m looking forward to BATWOMAN. Our Spectrum (aka, Time Warner Cable) package used to include EPIX. I’ll have to check and see if its still available.


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