buffalo bills vs. jacksonville jaguars
The woeful Buffalo Bills were blown out last Sunday in Tampa Bay, 27-6. They failed to score a touchdown. Rookie QB E.J. Manuel threw FOUR interceptions. The Bills defense gave up an 80-yard TD run on the second play of the game! The Bills stayed in Florida after the Tampa Bay game this week because they’re playing another Florida team today. Whether that strategy works out…we’ll find out. How is your favorite NFL team going to do today?


  1. Deb

    After a comfortable win against the Panthers last week, the 10-3 Saints are back on the road, taking on the 5-8 Rams in St. Louis. Although oddsmakers are giving the Saints the edge, I’m never sanguine when the boys are not playing on home turf. Anyway, I’ll probably miss the bulk of the game because my m-i-l is in town, there’s still a bunch of Christmas shopping to get done, and my kids are going caroling with our church’s youth group. One good thing about shopping during the Saints games: the stores are deserted!

  2. Jeff Meyerson


    No, I’m lying. The Giants host the Seahawks in the Meadowlands and unfortunately for them the snow and freezing rain is gone. It should be near 40 with a wind child around 20 – I doubt that will be enough to overcome the 11-2 Seahawks unless they are looking ahead to next week.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    On the other hand, if the Seahawks hope to make it to their second Super Bowl they better get used to playing in the cold here.

  4. Art Scott

    Everybody around here is crying Trap Game!, with the Niners playing Tampa Bay, fresh from thumping the Bills, and the Niners puffed up after winning their close revenge game over the Seahawks. Meanwhile, when not obsessing over Trap Games, the fans are in a panic over the rumors that Texas is after Harbaugh (watch your step, Crider!).

  5. George Kelley

    Jeff, I just went out with Big Orange and slowblowed my driveway. Six inches of the white stuff fell overnight. Of course, the Bills are in balmy Jacksonville where there’s an 89% chance of rain. I think the Seahawks will beat the Giants easily.

  6. George Kelley

    Art, the resurgent Buccaneers are better than their record. But the Niners are the vastly more superior team. A Trap Game is always a possibility, but talent usually wins out in the end.

  7. Richard

    Seahawks vs. Giants.We know who should win, but every now and then the Giants (meaning their QB Eli-Ming) get hot and can be dangerous. The Seahawks are coming off a tough loss and looked lousy in that loss, so who knows how they will play?

  8. Jeff Meyerson

    I was jsut out and the weather is a lot better than they said – mid-30s and not much wind (at least here) plus it is sunny. If the Seahawks don’t show up they won’t be able to blame the weather but I don’t expect that to happen.

  9. George Kelley

    Jeff, weather shouldn’t be much of a factor in the Seahawks vs. Giants game. I question the Giants motivation. The Bills are losing to the Jaguars…I question their motivation, too.

  10. Jeff Meyerson

    The Bills are doing a lot better than the Giants, which doesn’t surprise me. The Giants have a history of [packing it in once they are out of the ployoffs anyway.

  11. Richard

    Saints are looking more and more like a home-team win-team. Seahawks are same, but have been winning on the road too. If they meet in the playoffs it may well be in Seattle.

  12. Jeff Meyerson

    What the heck is wrong with the Saints?

    I still haven’t given up on the Packers pulling out the win over hated Dallas.

    Congratulations to the Bills.

  13. Jeff Meyerson

    Hooray! Tony Romo came through again, as he so often has.

    It looks like the East and North divisions in the NFC are pretty pathetic this year compared to the South and West.

    1. george Post author

      Bob, it was an amazing game! I flipped the station at half-time when the Cowboys were winning 26-3. Later, I came back to check the game and found the Packers coming back! And what a fantastic finish!


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