In July 2016, Carole King performed her iconic album Tapestry at the BST Hyde Park London to a sold-out stadium. Not only did Carole King perform her album in its entirety for the first time in concert, King also treated the 65,000 plus fans in attendance to a number of classic Goffin/King compositions and an energetic performance of “I Feel The Earth Move” with Cassidy Janson and the London cast of Beautiful The Carole King Musical. DJ Scott Shannon introduces the program and there’s a special interview with Carole King included. Check your local Regal Theaters because this event happens tonight! Diane and I have our tickets! How about you? What’s your favorite Carole King song?
1. I Feel the Earth Move
2. So Far Away
3. It’s Too Late
4. Home Again
5. Beautiful
6. Way Over Yonder
7. You’ve Got a Friend
8. Where You Lead (with Louise Goffin)
9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (with Louise Goffin)
10. Smackwater Jack (with Louise Goffin)
11. Tapestry
12. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Other Hits
13. Take Good Care of My Baby / It Might As Well Rain Until September (without band)
14. Go Away Little Girl / I’m Into Something Good / One Fine Day
(without band)
15. Some Kind of Wonderful
16. Hey Girl
17. Chains
18. Jazzman
19. Up on the Roof
20. The Loco-Motion
21. I Feel the Earth Move
Encore 2:
22. You’ve Got a Friend


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Either Will You l Love Me Tomorrow or Up On the Roof Or Don’t Bring Me Down or Cryin in the Rain.

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Nice. We saw her perform with James Taylor at MSG.

    I’d probably go with “Up On the Roof” as my favorite. Jackie’s is a big fan of “One Fine Day.”

  3. mary mason

    It’s too hard to pick just one favorite, I could pick 10 easily.

    I wish that Fathom events would have matinees, but since they are more sparsely attended (why I love matinees) I guess it’s not cost effective.


    1. Jeff Meyerson

      We went once to the Regal Union Square to see Jimmy Buffett do a live solo performance from the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans. He talked, snswered some pre-submitted questions, and sang a shortened set.

      It was fairly sparsely attended, as I remember it. We were the first ones there, so I got a free first edition of his book, A SALTY PIECE OF LAND, which I never did read.

  4. Rick Robinson

    I had the album, bought soon after it was released, and played it a lot, especially on weekend mornings, because it always seemed like “morning music” to me, a nice way to start the day. I like “So Far Away” and about all of the others on Tapestry. I prefer studio albums to live.

    1. George Kelley

      Rick, I agree with you on studio albums. But there are some live albums that are first-rate: Sarah Maclahan’s MIRRORBALL and Jackson Brown’s RUNNING ON EMPTY come to mind.

  5. wolf

    Wow, I would have liked to be there at this concert!

    Carol has always been one of my favourite singers – You’ve Got a Friend I’d call my favourite among many others. And when I realised that she had been composing hit songs for other people for years in the Brill Building in NYC I was really amazed.


    Wasn’t too active here the last days – had to go to Germany, do some things – and then we had visitors from the USA!

    My wife’s sister’s grandson from Nashville was so happy that he found someone to talk to – most people in Eastern Hungary have problems with English …

    So I showed him around and we went to many stores to look for souvenirs from WW1 and 2 – he’s a real history buff!


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