SUBMISSION By Michel Houellebecq

Submission was a controversial Best Seller in France in 2015. Michel Houellebecq writes about the growing Muslim influence on French society. His narrator, a college professor in the Literature Department, finds himself “retired” when a Muslim faction takes over the French education system. Polygamy becomes standard. Houellebecq’s story of France slipping into an Islamic culture generated plenty of debate a couple years ago. You can’t read Submission without coming away pondering the issues it raises. GRADE: B+

10 thoughts on “SUBMISSION By Michel Houellebecq

  1. Patti Abbott

    It’s a hard world to understand now. European countries needed these immigrants as workers. I don’t think they realized they would soon come to influence the politics and education of the country. They expected them to just keep their heads down and take their slave wages.
    The year we lived in the Netherlands and in England, the same thing was happening (in certain areas) and the same results occurred. Strangely we had more trouble getting our green card then they did because they had employers speaking for them.


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