Weike Wang earned a degree in chemistry at Harvard so she knows what she’s talking about when she writes this angst-ridden novel about a doctoral student who is stressed out by the pressures of academia. She is frustrated by the lack of progress in her research. She is frustrated by her relations with her parents who have high expectations. And, she is dealing with the marriage proposal of her roommate, Eric. Should she marry Eric…or not. Chemistry is Weike Wang’s first novel. Her next novel will be better. GRADE: B-

10 thoughts on “CHEMISTRY By Weike Wang

  1. mary mason

    Doesn’t sound like anything I’d ever be in the mood to read. Give me either a mystery or a humorous novel, with an occasional interesting bio thrown in.

    I’m getting too old to read anything that won’t immediately grab me, and I have about 8 “must reads” to review (New Donna Andrews, James Benn, Susan Elia MacNeal, Bill Crider, Lee Child SS collection, plus some first time writers)

  2. Patti Abbott

    I really admire the range and depth of your reading. I am too old to only read mysteries although it is tempting. And I really need to read more science. I am thinking of LAB GIRL next.

  3. Cap'n Bob

    It is well written: the lotus blossom id the fairest flower! No, the book holds no interest for me, but I’d love to meet the author!


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