Columbus celebrates the uniqueness of Columbus, Indiana that possesses an extraordinary number of architectural treasures by Saarinen, Pei, Pelli, Meier, and other famed architects. That’s the Good Part. Despite the beautiful cinematography by Elisha Christian, vast stretches of Columbus are tedious and boring. One story line involves John Cho (who plays “Sulu” in the Star Trek reboots). His World Famous Architect father is in the hospital unconscious and possibly dying. The second story line features Haley Lu Richardson, a young woman trying to help her troubled mother (played by Michelle Forbes). Parker Posey is completely wasted (she mostly gets to drive around in her Cadillac SUV). Director Kogonada needs to learn that a movie is a lot different from a documentary. The elements for a good movie are all here–good cast, interesting setting–but the lack of plot and story doom this film. GRADE: C-

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