DEAT BEAT By Jim Butcher

Dead Beat (2005) is the 7th book in the Harry Dresden (Wizard/Private Eye) series and one of my favorites. A group of necromancers gather in Chicago just before Halloween for a sinister purpose. A vengeful vampire blackmails Harry Dresden into finding a rare book of Magic called The Word of Kemmler which holds the secrets to almost infinite power.

The climatic battle in Dead Beat rises above all the battles Harry Dresden has fought in previous books. Fighting necromancers who can summon armies of zombies leads to fast and furious action! Yes, this is escapist reading at its most entertaining (if you like this kind of thing).

And, of course, the events in Dead Beat set up a series of conflicts which will have to be resolved in subsequent books. GRADE: A-

2 thoughts on “DEAT BEAT By Jim Butcher

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Not a fan. At least, unlike most writers of urban fantasy, his books are not thinly disguised romance novels.

    1. george Post author

      Steve, there’s a touch of Romance in the Harry Dresden series but not much. Jim Butcher focuses on action which is fine with me.


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