DISCO by Kylie Minogue


I’ve been a fan of Kylie Minogue since I heard her “Love at First Sight” (2002). Minogue was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 . After surgery and chemotherapy she promoted testing for her young fans during her tours. If you’re in the mood for bouncy dance music and energetic lyrics, give Kylie Minogue’s new CD, Disco, a try. GRADE: A-

1.MagicKylie MinogueTeemu BrunilaDaniel Hel√ły DavidsenPeter WallevikMichelle BuzzPhD4:10
2.“Miss a Thing”MinogueBrunilaNico StadiAlly AhernBrunilaStadi3:56
3.Real GrooveMinogueBrunilaStadiAlida GaprestadBrunilaStadi3:14
4.“Monday Blues”MinogueSky AdamsMaegan CottoneDanny ShahLinslee CampbellAdams3:09
6.Say SomethingMinogueRichard “Biff” StannardJon GreenAsh HowesGreenStannardDuck Blackwell[a]Minogue[b]3:32
7.“Last Chance”MinogueAdamsCottoneAdams3:03
8.I Love ItMinogueStannardBlackwellStannardBlackwellMinogue[b]3:50
9.“Where Does the DJ Go?”MinogueAdamsShahKiris HoustonAdamsHouston3:01
10.“Dance Floor Darling”MinogueAdamsCottoneCampbellAdams3:12
11.“Unstoppable”MinogueFiona BevanTroy MillerMiller3:34
12.“Celebrate You”MinogueAdamsShahCottoneAdams3:41

20 thoughts on “DISCO by Kylie Minogue

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    She is a much bigger star in Australia and Great Britain than in the U.S. Can’t say that her music does much for me. Just too light weight with mostly insipid lyrics. For fans of Paula Abdul. An A?

      1. george Post author

        Steve, when I listened to Kyle Minogue’s DISCO, I fell into a nostalgic mood. I have some wonderful memories of the Disco Years and that genre of music evokes plenty of Good Times for me.

      1. Michael Padgett

        George, I’m not a complete grump when it comes to disco, but I’ll admit there’s very little of it that I like. The Bee Gees best stuff is terrific, and I keep meaning to watch the HBO show on them but just haven’t gotten to it. And some of the disco I do like comes from unexpected places. For instance, I love “Miss You” and “Emotional Rescue” by the Stones.

      2. george Post author

        Michael, I totally agree with you on The BeeGees producing prime Disco music. The HBO documentary is terrific. The Rolling Stones show why they are The World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band by adapting to the Disco Era with classics like “Miss You” and “Emotional Rescue” in their chameleon mode.

  2. Deb

    While I am an unapologetic Disco Dolly, I find the music here very uninspiring. Perhaps disco has to be vintage for me to truly appreciate it. But I do like the way the videos try to capture that rather cheap, low-tech feel of early 1980s videos.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, I agree with you that DISCO doesn’t match the power and magic of songs from the true Disco Era. But, Kylie Minogue gave it a nice try. I happened to listen to Yvonne Elliman’s “If I Can’t Have You” the other day and marveled at its energy and verve! That’s what classic Disco is all about!

  3. maggie mason

    I don’t recall ever listening to her music. But I’ve seen her often as a guest on the Graham Norton show. I like some disco music and agree the original is the best. Enjoyed watching a show of the BeeGee’s concerts. Am in the midst of the new HBO show about them.

  4. wolf

    Have to concur with most here – disco is not my style!
    Anyway I never watched MTV or other music programs, sometimes switched on the radio but usually played my own CDs with my favourite type of music.

    1. george Post author

      Wolf, Disco morphed into Dance Music and is still alive and well in clubs (that are allowed in some countries) despite the coronavirus pandemic. Patrick and Katie prefer streaming-music services rather than old fashioned CDs.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    Pass. I’m with Rick and Michael on this one. I watched the Bees Gees documentary and it was definitely worth a look, but as Deb said, that was the real era. Kylie is definitely Disco Lite. Instead, I recommend you watch the “Rock the Boat” sequence on series 2, episode 4 of DERRY GIRLS, which is easily found on YouTube. In fact, I think I’ll watch it again now.


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