I’ve been a fan of Patricia A. McKillip’s fantasies since I read The Riddle-Master of Hed 20 years ago. In addition to writing finely crafted fantasy novels, McKillip is a gifted short story writer. Dreams of Distant Shores is a new collection recently published by Tachyon with a great Thomas Canty painting, “By the Window,” on the cover. “Weird” is a clever puzzle story. “Mer” gives us a witch turned into a sort of mermaid. “The Gorgon in the Cupboard” explores the mysteries of Love. “Which Witch” provides an insight into the Witch World. “Edith and Henry Go Motoring” takes the reader on an exotic trip. “Alien” explores what that word really means. “Something Rich and Strange” is the longest story in Dreams of Distant Shores and presents the implications of obsession. I found McKillip’s “Writing High Fantasy” full of insights into McKillip’s work. And Peter S. Beagle’s “Afterward” both praises and analyzes McKillip’s stories in this volume. Dreams of Distant Shores is one of the best fantasy short story collections of the year! GRADE: A
Mer  (original to this collection)
The Gorgon in the Cupboard
Which Witch
Edith and Henry Go Motoring (original to this collection)
Alien (original to this collection)
Something Rich and Strange
Writing High Fantasy (original to this collection)
Dear Pat: Afterward by Peter S. Beagle

14 thoughts on “DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES By Patricia A. McKillip

  1. Deb

    Im generally not a big fantasy fan, but your review–and that incredible cover, which I would love to have framed on a wall–have sold me. Onto the tbr list it goes–as I head off to look for more Thomas Canty artwork.

    1. george Post author

      Deb, you’ll enjoy Patricia McKillip’s wonderful stories. Thomas Canty has a great baroque style that I love, too! Thomas Canty’s artwork can be found on a number of covers of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horro series edited by Terri Windling & Ellen Datlow.

    1. george Post author

      Patti, Patricia McKillip is a good place to start if you’re getting into fantasy. These fine short stories would introduce you to the major themes.

  2. Bill Crider

    I read THE RIDDLE MASTER OF HED back in the ’70s, and it was one of the first fantasy novels I handed my daughter to read. McKillip is a fine writers.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    While I am not a big fantasy reader, I am much more likely to read a story collection like this than a novel.

  4. Beth Fedyn

    I haven’t read one of her books in years but I remember loving The Forgotten Beasts of Eld.
    Maybe it’s time to revisit her.

  5. Cap'n Bob

    My ex-wife was very close to the McKillip family and I met Pat and her siblings numerous times. Because of that, I read a couple of her books and enjoyed them a lot.

    Her father was a navigator on B-24’s during WWII.


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