Last time around, the Government sent us an Economic Stimulus Debt Cart (you can read about it here). This time, we received a paper check like the one above. With the Stimulus Debt Card, we ended up buying a new Speed Queen washing machine to replace our 40-year-old Maytag washer (you can read about it here).

This time around, we plan on using the Stimulus Payment to pay for a walk-in shower in our first-floor bathroom. As we grow older, amenities like walk-in showers grow more appealing. We’ve enjoyed walk-in showers in many of the hotel rooms we stayed in back in 2019. How are you going to spend your Economic Stimulus Payment?


  1. Deb

    We recently purchased a new dishwasher (Whirlpool), but we had already set aside some money for that, so we made up the difference with stimulus money and then banked the rest. I’m not sure, even post-covid and post-Trump, that life will ever get back to “normal,” but at some point we will need to purchase a new car, so the money will probably go toward a down payment. (By the way, George, our stimulus money was deposited directly into our account—just as it was the last time. No paper checks either time.)

    1. george Post author

      Deb, I have no idea why we received a Debit Card the First Time and a paper check the Second Time the Government sent us Economic Stimulus Payments. Many of our friends had their Economic Stimulus funds Direct Deposited like you did. Diane’s cousin owns a Nissan dealership and he complained to us that he can’t get enough new cars. There are shortages everywhere!

  2. Dan

    No paper checks here either. Direct deposit all the way. Which leads me to wonder something:

    Back in 1970 I took a course in Economics where a Professor explained to a class full of bright young students (and me) that 80% of the money used in this country had never been printed. Back in those days it took the form of checks passed to and from employers, banks, utilities, and working stiffs.

    I wonder what the percentage is now?

    1. george Post author

      Dan, that 80% is now about 90% as people use their smartphones to pay for just about everything. Cash exists basically for drug deals and other illegal activities that people don’t want to be traced.

  3. Patti Abbott

    Mine was a direct deposit and I know this is going to sound like a Pollyanna thing, but I am giving it to charity. It is wrong that I am getting this money when so many people are suffering. I wish there was a fund for people to donate it to.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Like Patti, we are giving the money, as we did before (and have been doing most of the last year), to charities – mostly food banks and other programs to feed the poor and hungry, plus some for disabled veterans.

    We have a walk-in shower and I agree, it is the way to go. Stimulate the economy like the Kelleys!

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, like you and Patti, we have been giving money to local Food Banks and charities. The Walk-in Shower has been our our T0-DO List for years so we’re finally getting around to making it happen in 2021.

  5. Michael Padgett

    The first time around my stimulus check was so small that it wouldn’t have made any difference if I hadn’t gotten it. At some point this year I got bored with the incessant arguing about it and quit paying attention. I don’t think I’m getting anything but if I get it I’ll take it.

    Speaking of posting, I had one late in the day Sunday that didn’t show up,

  6. Beth Fedyn

    No checks have come my way yet.
    Unless we have a DIRE emergency, there won’t be any major appliances. My Pilates partner is waiting FOUR (4) months for a recliner from Steinhafel’s – nothing special, just a regular beige recliner.
    I’ve been trying to donate to my favorite charities and there’s always a $10 tip when I carry-out from our favorite Chinese and Mexican restaurants.
    The Chinese restaurant never did open up for in-house dining but it’s doing a great carry-out business. The Mexican place does have in-house dining but it never seems to be very full at all.

    1. George Kelley

      Beth, we have friends who ordered a freezer SIX MONTHS AGO and it still hasn’t come in. We tip the restaurant staff when we pick up our dinners at the Take-Out window, too. Those folks are really struggling.

  7. maggie mason

    My stimulus $$ is being used for tips I gave my paper carrier $20 in march, and $10 each month & a $50 target gift card at Christmas.

    I tipped my hair dresser the cost of the service last time & $40 the time before. I always leave bigger tips when getting take out

    I need to find a new nail place as my last one my person refused to wear a mask last time, she just put a scarf on and it kept falling.

    I’ve also donated a lot of food (human & pet) to our local food bank and though I had bought 10 toys at the after holiday sale last year, bout 10 more. And at the after holiday sales this year, bought 12 toys. I’ve also donated several times to my library as I constantly check out dvd’s and audio cds. I’v increased donations to other charities.

    Calif. is contemplating issuing $600 checks to people, the cut off is $30k, which with low interest rates make it borderline for me. I don’t need the $$ so use it to help others, unlike i’m sure any of the capital terrorists.

    I also like the idea of stimulating the economy with purchases and projects. We are shut down (no in or outdoor dining) I’m not sure why gyms and churches are allowed out door, probably because they squawk. Strip clubs are allowed to open pending court ruling

    1. george Post author

      Maggie, I’m impressed by the range of your giving! Diane and I just donated $500 to the North Tonawanda Public Library. We use our local Library for books, movies, and music CDs. The Librarians are helpful and friendly (we gave them Ghirardelli Chocolates because rules prohibit monetary gifts to public employees here).


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