EPIPHANIES By Matthew Hughes

I’m a big fan of Matthew Hughes’s faux-Jack Vance stories. And I’m very fond of Hughes’s clever scoundrel, Luff Imbry. Imbry is approached by a young woman who claims to be his relative. This is news to Imbry who was under the impression he had no relatives. But, sure enough, Imbry finds himself in a convulsed scheme involving mining interests and double-dealing family members. Epipanies is only 71 pages, but I enjoyed the story thoroughly and recommend it to all lovers of Jack Vance and his best acolyte. I also like Ben Baldwin’s wonderful cover for this book. GRADE: A

2 thoughts on “EPIPHANIES By Matthew Hughes

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    I also enjoyed this. I’m a big fan of Hughes work and have been going back and reading his stories in F & SF.

    1. george Post author

      Steve, I agree. Matthew Hughes is a wonderful writer. I’ve enjoyed all the faux-Jack Vance stories and novels he’s written. I hope he writes a lot more!


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