Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Harry Potter fans of all ages look forward to more adventures in Magic and Wizardry. Eddie Redmayne plays Newt Scamander, a protector of Fantastic Beasts. On his visit to 1926 New York City, some of Newt’s Fantastic Beasts escape and much of the movie is taken up with chasing them down and recapturing them. Then, there is a darker sub-plot about an evil wizard who is trying to start a war between the Muggles (humans) and those with Magic powers. I liked Katherine Waterston as Tina, a Magic police woman. And Alison Sudol as Queenie, a mind-reading wizardess. Dan Fogler plays a would-be baker who gets caught up in all the action.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is reportedly the first of five films in this new series. I was not impressed with J. K. Rowling’s screenplay which is chatty and meandering. I hope Rowling lets the folks who did the Harry Potter movies improve on this shaky start. GRADE: C+


    1. george Post author

      Patti, for those kindly grandparents who take their grandchildren under 10 years old to FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, they may have to deal with very upset children as a result of two deaths in the movie.

  1. Roy Hovey

    Yeah, thanks. I only go to see things on the BIG screen every month or two, given the cost, my 60″ TV at home, and the few films that I deem necessary to see LARGE and powerfully in a theater. I had this one on my short list, but I’ll wait for it now on Apple TV at home. I read/scanned something about Johnny Depp being in the sequel in some way, but who once had the lead in this first one until the abuse news came out. And yeah, the cost: I tend to cave in to popcorn, red vines, soda, and the ticket, which comes to about 25-30 bucks a movie in the theater, vs. $5.99 on Apple TV streamed, and I pop my own corn and eat leftovers, not to mention enjoying my dog next to me on the couch and getting to pause the flick while I hit head. 🙂

    1. maggie mason

      Roy, I agree with the advantages of seeing movies in your home, but I only have a 32″ TV. If I had a 60″ one, I’d probably only go for 3-D effects.

      Since they started making you watch ads, I bring a bottle of water and a granola bar instead of going to the concession stand!

    2. george Post author

      Roy, I’m sure FANTASTIC BEASTS will early millions of dollars despite my criticisms. It will be just as watchable on your 65-inch HDTV.

  2. maggie mason

    I saw it yesterday on IMAX and loved it. I had thought it was a 3-D show also, but it wasn’t. I had a bit of trouble with the sound, and couldn’t make out book titles sometimes (I always check out book titles in movies, etc). If not for the cost, time, and other movies I want to see, I’d try it in 3-D

    Our paper raved about it and mentioned Depp, which I forgot about until seeing him. I hadn’t heard of the abuse, etc being a factor and kind of doubt that because this movie has been in the works for a long time IIRC. I especially liked Dan Fogler, as did our paper. I loved the time and place and adored the fantastic beasts. I’d give it an A-. While I think Eddie Redmayne is a great actor, and have liked him in nearly everything I’ve seen him in (thought he was wrong for Les Miz) Newt’s sly glances reminded me of the Danish Girl.

    Our paper mentioned the source book for this was 1/6 of a Potter book and had to be stretched out to be movie length.

  3. Rick Robinson

    I know two people who have already seen it and said it was great, but they were mostly interested in the story and fx so maybe they weren’t as focused on what you were, George, which I think is often the actors and their roles. Anyway, I doubt I’d have gone to the theater to see it anyway.

  4. Wolf Böhrendt

    Rather OT, but fitting in a way, because it’s also about an English writer …

    J G Ballard’s daughter wrote a very interesting kind of essay on today’s political world being similar to one of her father’s dystopias:

    How do you people feel about Ballard? I found him really interesting and full of great ideas – though his dystopias made me shiver sometimes.
    And now it seems that reality is catching up – reminds me of the famous (Chinese?) proverb:

    May you live in interesting times!

    George, have you written about Ballard here? I couldn’t find him.

      1. Wolf Böhrendt

        Thanks, George!

        Let’s hope that the end of the world as weknow it isn’t near yet – though Hawking warned that Humanity/Mankind may have only 1000 years, unless we change the way we exploit the environment …

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