4 thoughts on “FAVORITE FICTION OF 2011

  1. Todd Mason

    Patti–REALLY? Goodness gracious. But you’ve seen Brackett’s script work, at least…in THE BIG SLEEP (Bogart), THE LONG GOODBYE (Gould), and that silly space opera movie (as she was rewritten after she died). You might’ve seen Vance as adapted on THRILLER, the Boris Karloff anthology. But certainly three writers your reading is poorer without. All three prone to some impish humor, Brackett when the mood struck her, Vance and of course Wodehouse on a regular basis.

    George–no shame in it. And I’d say it’s hard to be a Brackett fan and not a Vance fan, and vice verse.

    1. george Post author

      Glad you liked my choices, Todd. I read contemporary fiction but none of 2011’s books were as much fun to read as Brackett, Vance, and Wodehouse.


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