The genre of High Adventure is languishing today. But a century ago, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Talbot Mundy, and Harold Lamb filled plenty of pulp magazines with great adventure fiction. Bison Press is reprinting Harold Lamb’s wonderful stories. The first volume, Wolf of the Steppes published in 2006, collects some of Harold Lamb’s best work. Lamb’s Cossack character Khlit is a rogue who survives by his wits, and when that fails, he uses his skill with his sword. Khlit’s adventures traveling the steppes are presented in order for the first time in this fat volume. The pages fly by as you read about the marvels and the dangers of fabled cities and crafty barbarians. If you’re looking for that “sense of wonder,” you’ll find it between the covers of Wolf of the Steppes.
Wolf’s War
Tal Taulai Khan
The Mighty Manslayer
The White Khan
Changa Nor
Roof of the World
The Star of Evil Omen
The Rider of the Gray Horse
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16 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #124: WOLF OF THE STEPPES By Harold Lamb

  1. Drongo

    As a kid I never ran across any of Lamb’s fiction, but I did find (and still have) those highly dramatic bios that were reprinted by Bantam and then Pinnacle. It was my first inkling that Babar wasn’t just an elephant.

    George, good to see you mentioning Bison Press. They’ve put out some interesting items.

    1. george Post author

      I love Bison Press, Drongo. I’ve purchased their entire Harold Lamb series and the Philip Jose Farmer TARZAN ALIVE. As soon as I get back to Normal, I’ll probably order more Bison Press books.

  2. Richard R.

    Wow, there are five books in this Lamb set! All stand-alone, but I assume if one is good, they all would be. $20 per (I assume) trade paperback. Hmmmm………….

    1. george Post author

      All those Harold Lamb volumes from Bison Books are worth having, Rick. I working my way through the series during my recovery. They are pure magic.

  3. Scott Cupp

    Rick – So far Bison has published 8 Harold Lamb titles, four of the cossacks and four others. All are worthwhile. I read WOLF OF THE STEPPES a couple of years ago and was captivated. 600 action filled pages!

  4. Todd Mason

    This Bison, I think, mostly got into fiction publishing with a western revival series, and has branched out interestingly since. I hope it’s making them at least as much money as they hoped.

    And high adventure jumps out at you, as it will, at odd intervals…aside from that companion series to Hard Case, there are the odd contributions such as the Love and Hate issue of TRIQUARTERLY back in its best years, with Robert Onopa on staff. Some more latter-day E. Hoffman Prices (and Harold Lambs, and Leigh Bracketts) would be welcome.

    1. george Post author

      Wilbur Smith and even Jack Higgins used to write some great High Adventure novels, Todd. But in today’s commercial publishing scene, High Adventure is an ignored genre. The best we can do is to get our High Adventure fixes from Bison Books and Black Dog and a few other small presses.

  5. Deb

    Speaking for the distaff side, I thought exactly what Cap’n Bob thought and was about to comment on it this morning and then decided it wouldn’t be, well, ladylike.


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