Evan Lewis occasionally blogs about Race Williams, classic Private Eye, and I’ve finally gotten around to reading one of his classic adventures: The Hidden Hand. The Hidden Hand is a secretive crime lord who has put a $50,000 bounty on Race Williams’ head. The adventures in The Hidden Hand were originally published in a different form in Black Mask back in the June, July, August, September, and October issues in 1928. Obviously, this is a fix-up novel, but for those of you who like your noir straight, then this Race Williams novel will take you directly to the Dark Side. Race Williams is tough as nails, gets gassed, manages to survive a sniper attack, and eliminates gangsters with ruthless efficiency. If you’re looking for action and violence, The Hidden Hand has plenty!

6 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #180: THE HIDDEN HAND By Carroll John Daly

  1. Evan Lewis

    I was sad to see that Harper reprinted only this and Snarl of the Beast (the first two Race novels). I assume the plan was to do all eight, but sales lagged. Everyone should read a couple of these, if only to see how far the private eye novel has come.


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