I admire Will Murray for his encyclopedic knowledge of Doc Savage and the boldness to write more books in the Doc Savage series. This latest adventure from Altus Press blends the iconic Doc Savage with the even more iconic King Kong. Murray captures the same style as Lester Dent (who wrote most of the Doc Savage novels) yet brings his own sensibility to the story. I love the cover! If you’re a Doc Savage fan, this is a must-buy. If you’re new to Doc Savage, Skull Island is the perfect place to start experiencing true adventure fiction. You can read Bill Crider’s wonderful, more detailed review of Skull Island here.

10 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #214: SKULL ISLAND by Will Murray

    1. george Post author

      Sergio, Doc Savage was a giant during the Pulp Fiction Era. SKULL ISLAND both captures the style of that time, it blends some modern elements into story. A fun read!

  1. RkR

    I remember seeing the entire line up of the Bantam Doc Savage paperbacks at Pickwick Books back when, all new and for sale. Wish now I’d bought them all! Instead I was buying the Agatha Christie books, which are easily obtainable today. This one is hard to resist.


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