FORGOTTEN BOOKS #262: DANGER: DINOSAURS! By Richard Marsten (aka, Ed McBain)

danger dinosaurs
I read this Winston Science Fiction juvenile novel back in the 1950s. Danger: Dinosaurs! was published in 1953 and when I reread it, I was struck by Ed McBain/Evan Hunter’s progressive characterizations. One of the major characters is an African-American who plays a key role in the plot. I read most of the Winston SF series and I can’t recall another African-American character in any of them. Danger: Dinosaurs! also introduces a notion unique in time-travel stories: that events in the past can forgotten when the time-travelers return to the future. This story of a group who encounters problems during their visit over a 100 million years ago was thrilling when I was a kid. Even in this early novel, the strengths of Ed McBain/Evan Hunter’s story-telling were obvious. Ed McBain turned to writing crime fiction, but this science fiction novel has plenty of suspense and action.

2 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #262: DANGER: DINOSAURS! By Richard Marsten (aka, Ed McBain)

  1. steve G

    I read this book when I was in high school in the 60’s. It blew my mind. Then in the 90’s I searched the internet looking for it again. It’s easier now to find than then. I bought it off the internet and it took me back. Just as good then as in the60′.


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