Heavy Planet includes Hal Clement’s famous science fiction novel, Mission of Gravity and its lesser known sequel, Star Light. The premise of Mission of Gravity is a mission to recover a scientific probe on the super-jovan planet of Mesklin where the surface gravity varies from 3 Earth gravities at the the equator to 700 Earth gravities at the poles. On this high-gravity planet, a “day” is 18 minutes! And yet, Mesklin has life in the form of intelligent, centipede-like creatures. Mission of Gravity was published in 1953 and Star Light was published in 1973. If you haven’t read these wonderful science fiction novels, you’re in for plenty of delight! Highly recommended!

13 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #290: HEAVY PLANET By Hal Clement

  1. Bill Crider

    I read MISSION OF GRAVITY way back in the ’50s. Never read the sequel. Clement was the GoH at Armadillocon some years ago, and I regret that I didn’t have him sign any books.

  2. Richard R.

    I read MISSION OF GRAVITY in serialized form in Astounding Science Fiction. A terrific novel (had great illustrations too). I have re-read it twice since, and it’s a favorite. I’ve read STARLIGHT just once, it’s nearly as good. I like anything by Clement, and highly recommend NESFA’s three volume The Essential Hal Clement set, which has all the novels and short stories. Great choice, George!


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