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I started reading Frederick Pohl back in the 1950s. The first Pohl book I read was Drunkard’s Walk. Then I started reading the Pohl and Kornbluth collections like The Wonder Effect. Those stories just bowled me over. Later, I read several of Pohl’s novels like Gateway. But I still kept up with Pohl’s short fiction over the past 50 years, too. For those of you who haven’t read much of Frederick Pohl’s short fiction, you’re in for much delight. Platinum Pohl collects most of the best work between two affordable covers. Frederick Pohl was a clever writer and these wonderful stories display his wit, too. Highly recommended!
Introduction James Frenkel p. 9
The Merchants of Venus p. 13
The Things That Happen p. 59
The High Test p. 74
My Lady Green Sleeves p. 83
The Kindly Isle p. 108
The Middle of Nowhere p. 124
I Remember a Winter p. 136
The Greening of Bed-Stuy p. 141
To See Another Mountain p. 180
The Mapmakers p. 193
Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair p. 216
The Celebrated No-Hit Inning p. 223
Some Joys Under the Star p. 233
Servant of the People p. 242
Waiting for the Olympians p. 255
Criticality p. 284
Shaffery Among the Immortals p. 294
The Day the Icicle Works Closed p. 304
Saucery p. 327
The Gold at the Starbow’s End p. 336
Growing Up in Edge City p. 372
The Knights of Arthur p. 380
Creation Myths of the Recently Extinct p. 407
The Meeting (with C. M. Kornbluth) p. 409
Let the Ants Try p. 417
Speed Trap p. 425
The Day the Martians Came p. 433
Day Million p. 438
The Mayor of Mare Tranq p. 442
Fermi and Frost p. 448
Afterword: Fifty Years and Counting p. 459

8 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #306: PLATINUM POHL By Frederick Pohl

  1. Jerry House

    George, I can’t think of anything that Pohl wrote that I did not like. Of the stories in this collection, the one that has stayed with me the longest was “The Merchants of Venus.” I should dig out some of his books Real Soon Now.

    1. george Post author

      Jerry, you’re right about “The Merchants of Venus.” Wonderful, memorable story! But there are plenty stories just as good in PLATINUM POHL!


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