Lionel White wrote some of the finest caper novels in the genre. I’m a fan of caper novels because I love the planning, preparation, and execution of the theft. But, of course, something always goes wrong. In his informative “Introduction” to this new STARK HOUSE edition of The Snatchers and Clean Break, Rick Ollerman puts these two works into context and explores the caper genre in detail. In The Snatchers (1953) Lionel White shows how the mechanics of a kidnapping operate. A gang kidnaps the teenage daughter of a wealth man. But, immediately, things start to go wrong.

You might not be familiar with Lionel White’s Clean Break (1955) but you might be familiar with the Stanley Kubrick film, The Killing which is based on White’s fine caper novel. The robbery of a race track produces all kinds of unexpected problems and suspense. If you’re looking for classic caper novels, The Snatchers and Clean Break are two of the best.

8 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #418: THE SNATCHERS/CLEAN BREAK By Lionel White

  1. maggie mason

    I thought I recognized the name, Lionel White, but the titles shown don’t look familiar to me.

    I’m having trouble reading the books I need to review, but I also like capers

      1. wolfi

        George, so much to read – so little time!

        And the there’s also the ‘net with so many sources of information and Fun (yes, I mean your site!) – we are all living in information luxury/overload!

        Compared to our ancestors – even a few generations ago books were a luxury in many countries.

        Rather OT (I might have told that story before, but I just have to repeat it …):

        I still remember when I met my wife about ten years ago – I brought her home after dinner and then she offered me water. While she got it I started to look at her bookshelf – and I saw Hungarian authors and titles which I didn’t know but also German, British and US authors which I recognised and I was a bit surprised and thought that woman might be interesting …
        That’s how it all started!

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