FORGOTTEN BOOKS #389: PULP MASTERS Edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg

This anthology from 2001 features writers I consider among my favorites. Ed Gorman and Marty Greenberg put together 439-pages of great story-telling. What I really like about this anthology is the length of the stories. Cain, Westlake, Block, MacDonald, Spillane, and Whittington showcase their talents in these longish stories. If you like what you see in Pulp Masters you’ll probably enjoy the two previous anthologies by Gorman and Greenberg: American Pulp and Pure Pulp. These are top-notch stories!
Introduction by Ed Gorman p. vii
• The Embezzler by James M. Cain p. 1
• Ordo by Donald E. Westlake p. 81
• Stag Party Girl by Lawrence Block p. 142
• College-Cut Kill by John D. MacDonald p. 192
• Everybody’s Watching Me by Mickey Spillane p. 256
• So Dead My Love by Harry Whittington p. 330

10 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #389: PULP MASTERS Edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg

  1. Wolf Böhrendt

    When I was young I liked those “hard boiled” detective stories – and I have to confess I liked and was even fascinated by Mickey Spillane, though his world view now looks really strange to me …

    Used to rummage through all second hand bookstores in London to find his novels …

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Gee, I haven’t seen you in. ..minutes. (I just left George on the computer checking on his students.)

    I don’t have this one. I know I read the Block and possibly the Westlake. I’ll have to look for a copy.


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