Volume Two of the complete Polesotechnic League novels and stories that Poul Anderson wrote over four decades focuses on David Falkayn, a younger version of galactic trader Nicholas van Rijn. Falkayn has his own personality and goals (which sometimes conflict with his boss, van Rijn). Falkayn and his team–Adzel, a large, armored dragon-like being who practices Buddhism, and Chee-Lan, a brilliant cat-like extraterrestrial with Anger Management issues–explore deep space for trading opportunities. Of course, they run into plenty of adventure and peril. Once again, BAEN Books offers a wonderful book at a bargain price! Hank Davis puts the Falkayn stories into the context of the Polesotehcnic League saga. If you’re looking for SF adventure stories with a Sense of Wonder, you’ll find them in David Falkayn, Star Trader. GRADE: A-
Introduction: High Profits and High Adventure By Hank Davis vii
1. Territory 1
2. Trouble Twisters 77
3. Day of Burning 209
5. The Master Key 275
6. Satan’s World 329
7. A Little Knowledge 599
8. Lodestar 633
9. Chronology of the Technic Civilization Compiled by Sandra Miesel 683

16 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #441: DAVID FALKAYN: STAR TRADER By Poul Anderson

  1. wolf

    Ah, the Polesotechnic League!

    I fondly remember those stories with a twist – every time I went to London in the 60s and 70s I might find another ACE double or a magazine with old stories …

  2. Steve Oerkfitz

    Read a lot of Anderson in the 60’s. Don’t remember reading many of these stories. My favorite was The Broken Sword a fantasy he wrote early on. Also remember Three Hearts and Three Lions and Brain Wave. He was very prolific. Greg Bears father in law.

    1. george Post author

      Steve, my first Poul Anderson novel was VAULT OF THE AGES, a YA SF novel in the famed WINSTON SCIENCE FICTION series. I went on to read THE BROKEN SWORD, THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS, and BRAIN WAVE as well as a dozen other Anderson SF novels. Reading these big, fat BAEN BOOKS collections take me back to the Sixties!

  3. Rick Robinson

    This is outstanding SF, and I’m really glad Baen is publishing it. Fine collections. I read most of these “back in the day” in Astounding or early paperback printings, and they stand up well today. Great choice!

    1. George Kelley

      Rick, I’ve enjoyed Poul Anderson’s work for decades. Part of my motivation for reading this Technic series is due to you! Remember that NESFA volume of Poul Anderson stories you reviewed a while ago? That review inspired me to tackle the seven volume BAEN Books series.


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