FORGOTTEN BOOKS #60: THE JUDAS WINDOW By Carter Dickson (aka, John Dickson Carr)

The Judas Window (aka, The Crossbow Murder and The Bowstring Murders) features both a locked room murder and a dramatic courtroom explication of how the murderer pulled off such an impossible crime. Avery Hume, master archer, is found dead from an arrow shot into his heart. The only other person in the locked room is young James Answell, Hume’s future son-in-law who is charged with the murder. Answell claims he was drugged and when he regained his consciousness, Hume was dead. Crusty barrister Sir Henry Merrivale untangles the twisted plot and reveals not only the real killer, but manages to punish a blackmailer in unique fashion, too. This is the first time I can recall nude photographs being part of a locked room plot. If you like mind-boggling puzzle mysteries, The Judas Window is one of the best. Thanks go to Art Scott for recommending it!

12 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #60: THE JUDAS WINDOW By Carter Dickson (aka, John Dickson Carr)

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    I think you got two books mixed up, George. THE BOWSTRING MURDERS is the first Dickson book and was not a Merrivale book. The one you reviewed is THE JUDAS WINDOW.

    Right, Art?

  2. Jerry House

    Many years ago (too many years ago), my wife handed me a copy of the Pocket Book edition, saying, “This is great. You’re going to love this.” I soon got caught up in the story. A third of the way through the book, I let out a cry of anguish and my wife started laughing. It was a misbound copy; the middle third of the book was missing and replaced with a repetition of the first third of the book. She thought this was a fantastic joke on me. (Dispite this, I have stayed married to her.) Unlike my wife (who usually reads the last few pages of a book first; again, despite this, we are still together), it is against my nature not to read a book straight through. It took three years to find another copy so I could complete the book. And, yes, it was worth the wait. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

    1. george Post author

      I feel your pain, Jerry. My wife reads the endings first, too. It’s her only flaw. Yes, I’ve run into misbound books, too, and it’s very frustrating.

  3. Art Scott

    Jeff M is correct. Bowstring was first published as by “Carr Dickson”, the only use of that pseudonym. Later editions as by Carter Dickson. Not part of the HM series. Don’t nod off en route to Pittsburgh, Homer.


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