FORGOTTEN BOOKS #98: CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE Edited by Scott A. Cupp & Joe. R. Lansdale

Santa sent me a copy of this gem. Subtitled “TEXANS CELEBRATE ROBERT E. HOWARD,” CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE presents a collection of stories that take their inspiration from the creator of Conan the Barbarian, Kull the Conqueror, and Solomon Kane. Scott A. Cupp has a wonderful tribute to REH in his story, “One Fang.” James Reasoner captures the essence of REH in “Wolves of the Mountains: An El Borak Story.” Bill Crider (with Charlotte Laughlin) bring REH back from the dead in the excerpt from “The Stone of Namirha.” “Six From Atlantis” by Gene Wolfe cleverly weaves REH themes into a brief short story. Finally, the author I consider the best fantasy writer of the 20th Century, Michael Moorcock (now transplanted to Texas), weighs in with the brilliant novelette, “The Roaming Forest.” If you’re a fan of Robert E. Howard or a reader who loves fantasy short stories, I highly recommend you seek out a copy of CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE.

17 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN BOOKS #98: CROSS PLAINS UNIVERSE Edited by Scott A. Cupp & Joe. R. Lansdale

  1. Todd Mason

    A book I’ve been meaning to pick up for some years, as I’ve liked the work of most of the contributors more than those of the focus for some years, too…and now that I’ve met both the editors, it’s really past time.

    Pity Karl Edward Wagner didn’t ever live in Texas, at least I think he didn’t…but there are a lot of pities about how things went for Wagner.

    As usual, FFBs make me eyemark, at least.

  2. Scott Cupp

    George – Thanks for the fine comments there. This was a labor of love as both Joe and I love REH. There were many other fine stories that we were unable to take due to the size and cost of the book.

    Todd – Yes, Karl would have been a fine addition but he was unfortunately not a Texan and he was gone by the time this project was begun. The entire thing was done in 9 months, from solicitation of the stories until it was in the hands of the members of the 2006 World Fantasy Convention (Jan to Oct 2006). The book is still available (I believe) from FACE (the Fandom Association of Central Texas) who ran the convention and paid for the title. There was never a regular edition of this book available at retail establishments other than on the second hand market. You might check

    1. george Post author

      Labors of Love usually require plenty of labor, Scott. You and Joe R. Lansdale did a wonderful job assembling such a great anthology!

    1. george Post author

      I realize there are legal entanglements, but if they could be overcome, I’d be an eager reader of another of your El Borak adventures, James!


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