FORGOTTEN MUSIC #34: SO By Peter Gabriel (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition–3 CD Box Set)

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since I was gyrating to Peter Gabriel’s SO album. I could not get enough of “Sledgehammer” which blended soul and dance music. MTV (remember them?) played the music video of “Sledgehammer” on heavy rotation. This remastered set sounds fabulous. And it includes my favorite Peter Gabriel song, “Solsbury Hill” as well. If you’re a Genesis or Peter Gabriel fan, SO is a must-buy. If you’re not familiar with Peter Gabriel’s best work, this box set is a must-hear. GRADE: A
Disc 1
1 Red Rain (5:40)
2 Sledgehammer (5:13)
3 Don’t Give Up (6:34)
4 That Voice Again (4:49)
5 Mercy Street (6:17)
6 Big Time (4:27)
7 We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37) (3:22)
8 This is the Picture (Excellent Birds) (4:20)
9 In Your Eyes (5:27)
Disc 2
1 This is the Picture (Excellent Birds) (5:57)
2 San Jacinto (7:26)
3 Shock the Monkey (6:44)
4 Family Snapshot (4:35)
5 Intruder (5:26)
6 Games Without Frontiers (5:29)
7 No Self Control (6:15)
8 Mercy Street (9:15)
9 The Family and the Fishing Net (7:08)
Disc 3
1 Don’t Give Up (8:16)
2 Solsbury Hill (5:10)
3 Lay Your Hands On Me (6:14)
4 Sledgehammer (5:06)
5 Here Comes the Flood (2:47)
6 In Your Eyes (10:38)
7 Biko (9:38)

12 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN MUSIC #34: SO By Peter Gabriel (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition–3 CD Box Set)

  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Got pretty sick of Big Time and Sledgehammer. Red Rain, In Your Eyes, Biko are all songs I like much better.

  2. Deb

    I saw him many years ago (must be close to 27 because it was before my husband and I were an “official” couple, although we were already dating) and he dived into the audience and let them pass him around for a while. I love his music (especially “I Can’t Remember”), but I was glad not to be sitting too close to the stage that night!


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