Just in time to kick off their “Zip Code Tour,” The Rolling Stones released this new, remastered version of their classic album, Sticky Fingers. These songs never sounded so good! The Rolling Stones are performing in Western New York at Ralph Wilson Stadium (where the Buffalo Bills play) on July 11. Of course, the concert is completely sold out. The ticket prices ranged from $400 to $10,000. I won’t be at the concert, but I’m listening to this classic Stones album as I write this.
Disc 1
1 Brown Sugar (3:49)
2 Sway (3:53)
3 Wild Horses (5:44)
4 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (7:15)
5 You Gotta Move (2:33)
6 Bitch (3:37)
7 I Got The Blues (3:54)
8 Sister Morphine (5:34)
9 Dead Flowers (4:05)
10 Moonlight Mile (5:57)
Disc 2
1 Brown Sugar (with Eric Clapton) (4:07)
2 Wild Horses (Acoustic) (5:47)
3 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate version) (3:24)
4 Bitch (Extended version) (5:52)
5 Dead Flowers (Alternate version) (4:17)
6 Live With Me (Live version) (4:22)
7 Stray Cat Blues (Live version) (3:48)
8 Love In Vain (Live version) (6:41)
9 Midnight Rambler (Live version) (11:26)
10 Honky Tonk Women (Live version) (4:14)


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    This is one remastered album where I can hear the difference easily. Not a bad track here but Wild Horses and Sway have always been favorites.

  2. Deb

    Half of disc two is from “Let It Bleed”!

    How well I remember that original Sticky Fingers vinyl record and the REAL zipper on the cover. As I recall, if you unzipped it (and you know I did!), the message “this may or may not be etc.” appeared.

    /$10,000 a ticket? Mick Jagger better come to my house, tuck me in, and read me “Goodnight Moon” for that!

    1. george Post author

      Deb, $10,000 was the cost of “Front Row” seats. I’m sure the concert tour DVD and CD will be better values. I didn’t know Mick Jagger did house calls…

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Good one, Deb. Hey, George has plenty of disposable income…. We went to Radio City Music Hall to see John Fogerty (seventh time in a decade – the first was the post-Katrina “From the Big Apple to the Big Easy” concert) and he was as good as ever, which is very good indeed. Radio City is a great venue and we had terrific seats, and only paid $109 each.

    George, we were at the dentist’s on Tuesday and his nurse was telling us about her brothers, who are huge Stones fans as well. They drove from Brooklyn and New Jersey to Pittsburgh over the weekend to see them there. I don’t know how much they paid.

    STICKY FINGERS is good but LET IT BLEED is my favorite.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, EXILE ON MAIN STREET is my favorite. Stone fans will travel anywhere and pay outrageous amounts to attend those concerts. I have disposable income, but I’d rather spend it on books, Blu-rays, movies, and pizza.

  4. Deb

    Hey Jeff–my husband’s in New York (Melville) this week and next. One day (I think it’s Saturday), he’s going to a Mets game and after the game, Steve Miller is putting on a show. That’s a ticket price I could be down with!

  5. Beth Fedyn

    The Stones were just in Milwaukee and all the reviews said they were worth the ticket price.

    One insane couple took out a mortgage for front row seats.

    1. george Post author

      Beth, the Stones are known for putting on a good concert. I’m sure some people around here hocked their valuables or took out a home equity loan to buy Stones tickets, too!

  6. R.K. Robinson

    My dentist is going to fly back and see them in Detroit later this Summer. I like the Stones, but I can skip the concert thing and just listen to CDs. I don’t dig the crowds these days.

  7. Cap'n Bob

    Finally, music we can agree on. As usual, I prefer the early stuff, but the Stones have put out good music through their entire careers. But I’m with Rick on concerts. I don’t like crowds (except at sporting events).

  8. Jeff Meyerson

    I agree – no to stadiums.

    The biggest concert venue we go to is Madison Square Garden at 18,000 seats. Jones Beach has up to 14,000, the Beacon has 3,000. I think Radio City is more in that range.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, First Niagara Center (Where the Buffalo Sabres play) hosts rock concerts, too. We saw Fleetwood Mac there. This venue holds 20,000 rabid fans.


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