FORGOTTEN MUSIC #55: All the Love – The Lost Atlantic Recordings By Jackie DeShannon

jackie deshannon
Jackie DeShannon had hits with Liberty Records in the Sixties like “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” and “When You Walk in the Room.” Later, she wrote the hit “Bette Davis Eyes.” But in between, Jackie DeShannon signed a contract with Atlantic Records in 1972 and wrote songs with Van Morrison. Those Atlantic recordings are now available on this recent release. If you’re a fan of Jackie DeShannon, this is a must-buy. If you’re looking for some vintage music from the Seventies, this CD is worth a listen. GRADE: B+
1. When I’m Gone
2. Drift Away
3. All The Love That’s In You
4. Speak Out To Me
5. Hydra
6. Your Old Lady’s Leaving
7. Grand Canyon Blues
8. Sweet Soul Singer (Unreleased)
9. Good Old Song (Unreleased)
10. Easy Evil (Unreleased)
11. If You Like My Music (Unreleased)
12. Free The People (Unreleased)
13. Spare Me A Little of Your Love (Unreleased)
14. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Unreleased)
15. Sweet Sixteen
16. Flamingos Fly
17. Santa Fe
18. The Wonder Of You

21 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN MUSIC #55: All the Love – The Lost Atlantic Recordings By Jackie DeShannon

  1. Wolf Böhrendt

    Just saw this – and the second song on the CD is “Drift away”!
    Now that brings back happy memories and of course I had to look up the history of this song ,,,

    Thanks, George!

  2. Deb

    I remember–back when he had a pop music career–John Travolta did a song called “Easy Evil”– I wonder if it’s the same song.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    “What the World Needs Now is Love” by Burt Bacharach & Hal David was her first major hit in 1965. She wrote “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” herself.

    I always liked her voice.

      1. Wolf Böhrendt

        George, almost as good as the songs from the 60s …

        At least then we had pop/rock stations in Germany (besides the American Forces Network) and my friends and I also had some money to buy records – when I was a teenager in the 50s it was really bad:
        There was no pop music on the German radio stations at all!
        So from the first money I made working during the summer holidays I bought a tape recorder (very expensive …) and recorded all those songs I heard and liked on AFN.

      2. george Post author

        Wolf, it’s totally different today. None of my students buy CDs anymore. It’s all iTunes and downloads to iPods and smartphones.

  4. Wolf Böhrendt

    George, I know – almost everything is at your fingertips today, whether it’s music or literature or …

    This reminds me of a Dumarest (forgot the title) book by E C Tubb where people on a planet are all connected to their space ship’s computer which gives them instant access to all information – and then the ship is destroyed …
    The people are totally helpless – almost like idiots. I found that idea really deep – and now we’re almost there!
    Tubb had a lot very advanced ideas – not bad for a hack!
    People today sometimes can’t understand how it was in the bad old days – we had to share everything and were so happy when we found people with similar tastes so you could exchange books, records, whatever.

    1. Wolf Böhrendt

      Totally OT:

      Did anyone follow the Hugo celebrations in Spokane? Just read up on it on wired (they had a very good article on it imho) and of course on GRRM’s blog – fascinating and it seems a victory for the SF fan community against those “puppies”:

  5. Cap'n Bob

    I adored Jackie and if I can find this CD I’ll buy it. Finding CD’s these days is no small feat.

    Wolf: I saw the Hugo results and was amazed at how many No Awards there were. Tough crowd.

  6. Todd Mason

    DeShannon helped spur on folk-rock with her pop….the Springfields were more, um, instrumental, but they both helped it happen about as much as BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME and the Beefeaters (who would become the Byrds, of course) did…

  7. Martin Edwards

    A terrific artist, much under-estimated. Her versions of lesser known Bacharach songs are well worth seeking out, especially Windows and Doors and I’ve Got My Mind Made Up


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