1-1 –The Angels (3) My Boyfriend’s Back 2:14
1-2 –The Shangri-Las Remember (Walking In The Sand) 2:19
1-3 –Connie Francis My Best Friend Barbara 2:19
1-4 –Diane Renay Navy Blue 2:28
1-5 –The Honey Bees She Don’t Deserve You 2:30
1-6 –Diane Ray Please Don’t Talk To The Lifeguard 1:44
1-7 –Sadina It Comes And Goes 2:32
1-8 –Lesley Gore Maybe I Know 2:33
1-9 –The Royalettes It’s Gonna Take A While 3:11
1-10 –The Secrets (9) The Boy Next Door 1:59
1-11 –Ginny Arnell I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear 2:45
1-12 –The Pixies Three 442 Glenwood Avenue 2:10
1-13 –Ann D’Andrea Johnny’s Back In Town 2:15
1-14 –Dusty Springfield Stay Awhile 1:55
1-15 –The Nu-Luvs So Soft, So Warm 2:52
1-16 –Lesley Gore Look Of Love 1:59
1-17 –Gigi Parker & The Lonelies Beatles, Please Come Back 2:19
1-18 –The Pixies Three Summertime U.S.A. 2:16
1-19 –Kenni Woods Can’t He Take A Hint? 2:58
1-20 –The Angels (3) Wow Wow Wee (He’s The Boy For Me) 2:00
1-21 –The Paris Sisters Always Waitin’ 2:36
1-22 –Diane Renay Watch Out, Sally! 3:02
1-23 –Lesley Gore Wonder Boy 2:20
1-24 –The Secrets (9) Hey, Big Boy 2:14
1-25 –The Shangri-Las The Sweet Sounds Of Summer 3:18
2-1 –The Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack 2:51
2-2 –Dusty Springfield I Only Wanna Be With You 2:35
2-3 –Ginny Arnell Dumb Head 2:15
2-4 –The Pixies Three Cold, Cold Winter 2:40
2-5 –Connie Francis Don’t Ever Leave Me 2:45
2-6 –The Sham-Ettes You’re Welcome Back 2:14
2-7 –Sadina I Want That Boy 2:16
2-8 –The Angels (3) I Adore Him 2:45
2-9 –The Honey Bees One Wonderful Night 2:19
2-10 –Lesley Gore Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy 2:05
2-11 –The Paris Sisters Dream Lover 2:39
2-12 –Diane Renay Kiss Me Sailor 2:51
2-13 –Kenni Woods Back With My Baby 2:23
2-14 –The Shangri-Las I Can Never Go Home Anymore 3:12
2-15 –Beverly Washburn Everybody Loves Saturday Night 2:20
2-16 –The Secrets (9) The Other Side Of Town 2:15
2-17 –The Pixies Three Birthday Party 2:06
2-18 –The Royalettes I Want To Meet Him 2:43
2-19 –The Bobbi-Pins Why Did You Go? 2:06
2-20 –Carole Quinn What’s So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen? 2:15
2-21 –The Whyte Boots Nightmare 2:53
2-22 –Lesley Gore That’s The Way Boys Are 2:14
2-23 –The Shangri-Las Footsteps On The Roof 2:23
2-24 –Diane Renay Growin’ Up Too Fast 2:43
2-25 –The Angels (3) Thank You And Goodnight 2:32


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    No Goldie & the Gingerbreads? Not familiar with all of these. Never heard of Diane Renay, The Nu Luvs, The Whyte Boots, Diane Ray or Ginny Arnell. My favorite on here is Remember Walking in the Sand by The Shangri Las or I only Wanna Be With You by Dusty Springfield. Many of these I could care less about such as Connie Francis and Lesley Gore. Can’t say I miss all the hair spray.

  2. Deb

    Although she’s one of my favorite singers (not to mention being my 1970s eye-makeup guru), Dusty Springfield (an Englishwoman of Irish ancestry who had a bluesy soulful singing style) seems out of place in this collection. Like Steve, I’ve never heard of Diane Renay—but somehow she has as many songs on this collection as Lesley Gore!

    1. george Post author

      Deb, GROWIN’ UP TOO FAST includes a lot of B-list singers. But, if you love the music of this era, there’s a lot of great listening on these CDs!

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    “Blue, Navy blue, I’m as blue as I can be,
    ‘Cause my steady boy said ‘Ship Ahoy’ and joined the Na-a-vy.”

    They just don’t write ’em like that any more.

    I do have to agree with Patti. I consider myself an expert on ’60s girl groups, and frankly, I’ve never heard of MANY of these. (And even with the groups and singers I do know, a lot of the titles are obscure.)

    I was glad to see the kitschy classic by the ShangriLas, “I Can Never Go Home Anymore,” however.

    We have at least 4 CDs of “Girl Groups” songs (we have at least a couple of them with us). The essentials, starting in the ’50s:

    (Arlene Smith &) The Chantels, Maybe (also Look In My Eyes)
    The Shirelles, too many to list all, but start with Will You Love Me Tomorrow and Dedicated to the One I Love and Soldier Boy.
    Shangri-Las, Remember (Walking in the Sand), Leader of the Pack, etc.
    Ronettes, Be My Baby, Baby I Love You, Walking in the Rain, etc.
    Chiffons, He’s So Fine, One Fine Day
    Angels, ‘Til, My Boyfriend’s Back
    Crystals, Uptown, Da Doo Ron Ron, He’s a Rebel (some were actually Darlene Love, of course)
    Cookies, Chains, Don’t Say Nothing Bad About My Baby
    Dixie Cups, Chapel of Love
    Orlons, Don’t Hang Up, South Street

    This doesn’t include the Motown groups – Martha & the Vandellas, Supremes, Marvelettes are the most prominent.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Deb, you and Steve are obviously too young! I bet Patti knows Diane Renay – she was from South Philly! Diane Renay’s big hit (and it was top 5) was “Navy Blue” in late 1963/early 1964. I gave you a sample up there. “Kiss Me Sailor” was the followup that didn’t make it, and that was that.

    1. Steve Oerkfitz

      Actually I am 69. Some of the more obscure I might recognize if I heard them but not by name alone. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to music until the British invasion.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    Also, if it is “Girl Groups” I think it should be groups, not Dusty Springfield or Lesley Gore. (We have several other singles on our collections, including Carole King herself doing “It Might As Well Rain Until September.”)

    Here’s the link to the youtube “Navy Blue”:

  6. wolf

    Strange collection/selection – I agree with the others that the title is misleading, it should have been:Girl groups that no one ever heard of” …
    To take just the Shirelles and two well known singers and then add all the other unknowns looks strange.
    A bit OT:
    Of course I own compilations by the “other” girl groups mentioned in the comments – butmy wife says they’re too kitschy, doesn’t want to listen to them!

    Of course I was really young when those records came out – before rockroll hit me!

    1. george Post author

      Wolf, GROWIN’ UP TOO FAST is a hodge-podge of girl singers and girl groups. There’s a little something for everyone on these CDs!

  7. maggie Mason

    The only Diane Renay song I remember is Navy Blue. I think of all the performers, Dusty Springfield is my fav, and I agree with Deb about her make up.

    I was surprised how few I knew by name, but often hearing the song, I’d remember it.

  8. Beth Fedyn

    A personal favorite in our family was Dumb Head.

    Just the titles of lots of these would make me say “Hell no,” which is why we found Dumb Head so appealing.


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