Imagine that Germany and Japan won World War II and are crushing the Resistance in the United States. That’s the premise of Freedom Fighters: The Ray. This Alternative Earth is called Earth-X. A band of meta-humans including The Ray fight the Nazis and support the Resistance. When The Ray is wounded during a fight with Nazi meta-humans, he’s sent to our Earth. The Ray passes his powers over to 22-year-old civil servant, Ray Terrill. Ray Terrill finds having superpowers both fun and scary.

With the help of The Flash and Green Arrow, The Ray learns how to master his powers. But Big Decisions–in Ray Terrill’s personal and superhero life–loom large. I’m a fan of these DC Animated movies. If you’re in the mood for a adventure in Infinite Earths, give Freedom Fighters: The Ray a try. GRADE: B+

4 thoughts on “FREEDOM FIGHTERS: THE RAY [Blu-ray]

  1. wolf

    A bit OT again:
    This summer we cared for my wife’s granddaughter (just turned 6 years and started school in September) because the parents had so much to work and kindergarten was closed …
    She liked it here and watched many animated movies on tv – often they had a SF and/or Fantasy content and she wasfascinated.
    I have to confess that I never liked animated movies, don’t know why.
    Especially the SF is so … don’t know how to say it: Too far from any possible reality and logic?


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