The Wall Street Journal critic who reviewed Frozen 2 said it best: “Frozen 2 left me cold.” Same here. Yes, the production is fun and aimed at a younger audience. The music is okay, but there’s no “Let It Go” hit to excite the audience. There really isn’t any villain in the thin plot so most of this movie is reduced to series of funny and not so funny scenes. Sometimes, you can’t go home again. Are you a Frozen fan? GRADE: C+
1. “All Is Found” Evan Rachel Wood 2:05
2. “Some Things Never Change” Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff and cast of Frozen 2 3:29
3. “Into the Unknown” Menzel featuring Aurora 3:14
4. “When I Am Older” Gad 1:51
5. “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” (cont.) Groff 0:26
6. “Lost in the Woods” Groff 3:00
7. “Show Yourself” Menzel and Wood 4:20
8. “The Next Right Thing” Bell 3:36
9. “Into the Unknown” (end credits) Panic! at the Disco 3:09
10. “All Is Found” (end credits) Kacey Musgraves 3:03
11. “Lost in the Woods” (end credits)

15 thoughts on “FROZEN 2

  1. wolf

    Our granddaughter (8 years) sometimes watches stuff like Frozen on the tv – I find it horrible just having to look at it/hear it for a few seconds.
    Seems so artificial to me – just look at the eyes of the girls in your picture, george.
    And of course it’s all part of a big selling machine – even here in Hungary you find “Frozen” products everywhere – from toys to clothes to food and drinks!
    I hate these cheap plastic products – especially since I know that the Chinese etc can do better than that, but it has to be cheaply produced to make more money out of it! And of course be thrown away soon to make room for the next great idea from Disney, Mattel or whoever …
    A bit OT:
    We were in Budapest over the weekend by train (the train and metro like the bus costs nothing if you’re over 65) and everywhere you saw Xmas- lights and advertising, horrible. Reminded me of the USA where this happened to me the first time many years ago. We were on a holiday in early December in Miami Beach, it was nice and warm, you could go to the Beach – and then Xmas trees everywhere!
    When I was a child it was great honour and joy for me to help my parents with decorating the Tree on the afternoon of the 24th – you didn’t see any Xmas trees before that date!

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      Wolf, I know what you mean. In 1974 my parents moved across country to Los Angeles. When we visited them at Christmas, it was very jarring seeing the Christmas decorations among all the palm trees.

  2. Patti Abbott

    Fun article in NYT yesterday by Adam Sternberg about watching FROZEN multiple times with his daughter. No, I haven’t seen it nor do I know the music.
    And we always decorated our tree on the 24th too. And down on the second. You never grew tired of it that way.

    1. wolf

      Fond memories:
      The only time I was “forced” to watch a movie twice (or was it three times) was a long long time ago in Orlando. My first wife had promised our granddaughter that we’d go with her to Florida – but only if she became very good in English at school.
      And she made it!
      So almost 25 years ago we flew to Orlando, stayed a week in a “Disney villa” and visited Disneyland every day …
      I have really fond memories of the different parts – my favourite was the Adventurers Club in Pleasure Island (I think that shut down some years ago) and in EPCOT for the little one the Michael Jackson 3D movie Captain EO.
      Don’t remember how often she watched – after the first time my wife and I split, one of us accompanied her, the other would have drink outside …

  3. Jeff Meyerson


    We tried to watch the first massive hit, but clearly we were not the intended audience – not that there’s anything wrong with that – and it left us (yes) cold. We turned it off after half an hour. This one is another huge hit, though it cannot save another down year in Hollywood. It seems to be either a blockbuster or nothing. Too many mediocre or lousy movies, IMHO.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, the THANKSGIVING Box Office was down 16% from last year. People would rather watch movies on Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime. Or DISNEY+.

  4. Rick Robinson

    I guess it’s no surprise, but we won’t be watching this one. I do like some animated movies, but the Frozen ones (2 so far, but more to come, I’m sure) aren’t for me.

    As to Christmas, we usually put up the tree about the 10th, or so, though we’ve talked of skipping it this year and just doing the simpler house decorations (mantle, dining room table, etc. Putting up, decorating, taking it all down is such a chore. We do have guys come to put up lights along the gutters on the house. They come tomorrow. Expensive but very pretty.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, we like Christmas lights, too. But ours are inside the windows, not on the outside. Our friend who puts out hundreds of Christmas lights around his house always faces kids stealing the lights. There are a lot of Grinches out there…


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