The recent Arctic temperatures produced this rare event where parts of Niagara Falls froze. Ten miles from my house, this Winter Wonderland delights tourists and residents willing to trek out into the freezing temperatures. It’s well worth the trip! The spray from Niagara Falls coats everything in ice! Very cool!


    1. george Post author

      Dan, we’re supposed to be hit with even colder temperatures next week. I might be posting more freezing Niagara Falls photos then.

      1. Carl V. Anderson

        I am much more tolerant of and fond of colder weather than my wife is, so I cannot imagine us ever making this trip to the Falls to see it when it is in this condition, but who knows. Maybe I can convince her one day.

      2. george Post author

        Carol, as Jeff Meyer pointed out, you can see and feel the power of Niagara Falls from one of the Canadian hotels. The view is fabulous and you’re just a few yards from the water.

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    Fantastic! Every time we’ve been to the Falls just makes me want to go more. When we stayed there on the way to Toronto last Fall, we stayed at the Marriott right above the Falls, with every room having a view. At night, I sat in the room with the lights out just watching it for an hour. But until you stand there and feel the power of the water rushing over, you haven’t seen anything.

    I guess it is not Maid of the Mist weather in January.

    1. wolf

      Thanks to George for these wonderful pictures that bring back memories we’ll never forget!

      Ten years ago we were in the Sheraton Fallsview (Canada) – we could even open the window a little bit and listen to the Falls!
      Jeff, was it similar in your hotel?
      The multi coloured lights also were unbelievable.

      And for the 80€ we paid per night we also got a fireplace – fake of course, with a gas flame, but still
      And a little jaccuzi for two in the bathroom!
      My wife immediately said:
      How much extra do we have to pay for this fantastic room?
      And I answered: I don’t know and I don’t care, it’s marvelous!
      When we left we found:
      There were no extra charges on our bill …

      PS: The city center was almost empty – I remember the BurgerKing where we had dinner one evening – about 10 people in a place with room for more than a hundred …
      So winter really is a good time to visit!

      1. Jeff Meyerson

        Wolf, we didn’t have a Jacuzzi or a fireplace, but we did have a little balcony, so we could open the door and go outside.

      2. george Post author

        Wolf, you’re right: Winter is an excellent time to visit the Falls. The hotels have plenty of “specials” that make the stay affordable.

      3. wolf

        A balcony also sounds really nice – but how long did you stay outside there?
        In winter times …
        We walked along the river marveling about the trees covered in ice but always soon eturned to our cozy room … 🙂
        A bit OT again:
        The “Hinterland” is also very interesting – and beautiful!
        Vineyards and peach plantations (we reaally hadn’t expected that)and the quaint city of Niagara on the Lake – fabulous!

    1. george Post author

      Rick, this kind of effect doesn’t happen every Winter at the Falls. Extreme temperatures–below zero–produce the cool ice coatings.


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