Gracepoint, the American version of the British mini-series Broadchurch, concludes tonight. The producers promised that Gracepoint would have a DIFFERENT murderer than Broadchurch did. Comparing the two mini-series, 95% of the scenes are the same. David Tennant plays the lead police detective in both versions. Tennant is scruffy and dogged. He was part of a botched murder investigation before the Gracepoint murder of a young boy so Tennant’s character seeks redemption by solving this crime. Anna Gunn plays Tennant’s fellow detective, Ellie Miller, whose son was best friends with the murdered boy. I’m guessing Kevin Rankin as Paul Coates, the local priest, is the killer this time. FOX has “cancelled” Gracepoint. But the BBC seems to be working on Broadchurch 2. I’ve enjoyed both versions. Maybe Netflix or AMAZON will pick up this fine series.


  1. Randy Johnson

    I stopped on this one a couple of episodes back. While I haven’t seen the British version, I did review the novelization for Amazon. It was all too familiar. I might tune in tonight to see if they do switch the murderer.

  2. George Kelley

    Randy, the producers of GRACEPOINT pretty much shot the same scripts they used for BROADCHURCH. There are a few subtle differences. I thought the killer in BROADCHURCH made perfect sense given the themes of that series. It would be sort of funny if the producers fibbed and the murderer is the same suspect as he was in BROADCHURCH.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    The British version was enough for me. I saw a couple of scenes with Tennant and they were pretty nearly identical. My only curiosity is to see who the murderer is this time around.

  4. Steve Oerkfitz

    I have been watching it due to lack of much else on this time of year. I would probably enjoy it more if I hadn’t seen the BBC version.

  5. George Kelley

    Steve, I’m a little surprised at the “cookie-cutter” approach the producers are using with GRACEPOINT. It’s almost identical to BROADCHURCH. The only twist is the possible new identity of the murderer.


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