HAMMER ON BONE By Cassandra Khaw

Are you in the mood for a noir Private Eye story that travels into Lovecarft Country? That’s what Cassandra Khaww’s Hammer on Bone presents in 107 pages. John Persons is a private detective with a Dark Side. He’s hired by a boy who claims his “step-father” is beating his mother. The boy also seeks to protect his younger brother from the wrath of this abusive man. But John Persons suspects this is more than a clear-cut case of spousal abuse. He scents the whiff of contagion and decay and sea-salt. If you’re a fan of H. P. Lovecraft, you’ll enjoy this unorthodox romp into ancient and magical monstrosities. I hope Cassandra Khaw writes more of these Private Eye/Loveraft mashups! She’s off to a great start! GRADE: B

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    1. george Post author

      Ric, TOR Books is publishing “shortish” SF and fantasy. In general, I’ve enjoyed the series. It’s mostly dedicated to launching New Writers.


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