15 thoughts on “HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!

  1. Jerry House

    That navigatin’, calculatin’, sonuvagun Columbo looks to have weathered the past 500+ years pretty well. Or is that Mrs. Columbus?

    Have a great Indigenous American Day, George!

    1. george Post author

      Jerry, we’re being pummeled by remnants of Nate. It’s raining cats & dogs here! Columbus could sail to Western NY with all this water!

  2. wolf

    Hope you’re all having a good day even though Columbus seems no longer to be considered the hero that he once was!

    Rain can’t be too bad – hope it fills the Niagara River so the Falls have enough water to impress tourists like us! I’ll never forget the “frozen Falls” we saw on our holiday and the big chunks of ice in the river when we drove back to NYC …

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      Wolf, we are there right now. In fact, our room is 25 floors directly above the Falls and the view is spectacular.

      Interestingly, though it is Columbus Day in the U.S., it is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

      1. george Post author

        Jeff, many Canadians will drive over to the U.S. because our stores are open while theirs are closed for Thanksgiving. Did you have any trouble getting over the Bridge?

      2. wolf

        Enjoy your stay, Jeff!

        As I’ve written before, this was one of the highlights of our holidays in North America- I have to tell the story again:

        When we arrived at the border aka Rainbow Bridge coming from the Finger Lakes, the border police were very friendly and I had no problem finding the Sheraton Hotel “overlooking the Falls”.
        I showed my prepaid (cheap …) reservation at the reception and the guy ask smiling:
        Do you need two beds?
        To which I answered: No, one bed is enough!
        He smiled again, worked on his keyboard and produced a keycard for us:
        “Enjoy your stay!”
        We went to the elevator and I looked at the printout saying: 18th floor – not bad
        Arriving on that floor I of course expected a room on the “City side” but no – our room number was one digit, so it was on the Falls side and when I opened the door my wife went: Wow!
        A wide window, almost down to the floor, a gas fireplace – and a jacuzzi in the bathroom.
        She fully expected that we might have to pay some extra $$$s – but no (we had paid less than 70€, at this time around 100 US$ per night)
        Fantastic! And then the view of the illuminated falls in the evening and the sound – you could open the windows a few inches …

        We’ll never forget that holiday!

    2. george Post author

      Wolf, the Frozen Falls was breath-taking! The banks are closed, some schools are closed, and there’s no U.S. Mail today. Other than that, Columbus Day is just another day.

      1. Lauren W.

        Hey Dr. Kelley, I’m sorry, I just realized that I forgot to reply to this. I gave Patrick your message, and he said to say ‘hi.’ Hope things are going well for you too! 🙂

      2. george Post author

        Lauren, things are going well here. My son Patrick and my daughter Katie are coming home for Thanksgiving so we’re busy getting ready for their visit. I’ve already ordered three pie from our personal baker for the occasion: apple, pumpkin, and pecan! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

      3. Lauren W.

        Unsurprisingly, I don’t like Thanksgiving as it’s a holiday based on Native American genocide and the annual slaughter of 60 million turkeys. But I hope you enjoy spending time with your kids while they are home visiting!

      4. george Post author

        Lauren, although the origins of Thanksgiving might have dubious, a holiday based on giving thanks for the Good Things in Life is positive. And, anything that brings friends and family together in these divisive times should be celebrated!

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