23 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!

  1. wolfi

    Could you the girl her over?
    I still have some Easter Eggs hidden which we have to find – that position would be good for this task …

    Happy Easter from Europe too – we’re already waiting for our guests to come to lunch, some pork accompanied by salads, Sauerkraut and Bubenspitzle …

    What are you having for Easter lunch?

    Bubenspitzle means “little boys’ dicks” – a kind of very thick noodles/dumplings, a famous traditional Schwab dish which my wife and her Hungarian family also like.

    Just found them in the English wiki – the wonders of the ‘net!

    1. wolfi

      Sorry, I meant to write:
      Could you fly the girl over here?

      But don’t put her in a United flight, the poor thing … 😉

    2. george Post author

      Wolf, we’re celebrating Easter with Polish food. We have the 3 Ps: perogi, placek (a Polish coffee cake), and Polish sausage. My sister-in-law made her famous sauerkraut and mushroom casserole, too. Desserts include carrot cake, lemon cake, and tuxedo cake (chocolate with a white cream filling).

      1. wolfi

        Sounds good too!

        There are so many nice variations of European cooking, often similar, but with slight or major changes, depending on the climate and the availability of certain foods …

        PS: I had no idea that Sauerkraut was part of Polish cooking – but of course the climate is similar to Germany, so the Kraut must grow well there too.

      2. george Post author

        Wolf, there’s a variation of pierogi that’s made with sauerkraut instead of Farmer’s cheese. Both are yummy!

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Nice bunny! We will actually be in the city today, but not to view the (so-called) Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue (been there, done that; it’s better on TV). We have matinee tickets to see Kevin Kline in Noel Coward’s PRESENT LAUGHTER. I just hope this rotten cold I have doesn’t put too much of a damper on that. The weather is going to be more Fourth of July than Easter Sunday here, with 84 the predicted high. (We’re already warmer than the normal high for the date at 62.)

    Happy Easter.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, the WALL STREET JOURNAL review by Terry Teachout raved about Kevin Kline’s performance in PRESENT LAUGHTER. It’s one of my favorite Noel Coward plays. I’ll be eager to hear how you and Jackie liked it. Take your Vitamin-C!

  3. Jerry House

    I don’t think Diane would want you to go hopping down that bunny trail, George.

    Have a great Easter1

  4. Deb

    I see my personal photos have become public again!

    We will have our traditional Easter dinner: grilled lamb marinated in yogurt, onions, and lemon, studded with garlic chunks, with fresh mint and fresh rosemary in the grill’s smoker box. Meanwhile, I’ll be responsible for the sides: mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, Yorkshire puddings, and gravy. It’ll be a somewhat rushed meal because the twins have finished spring break and have to head back to Baton Rouge this afternoon; classes start again tomorrow.

    1. maggie mason

      Yummy, Deb, and Wolfe!! Envious of Jeff and Jackie seeing Present Laughter.

      I’m going to brunch at Marie Callendar’s with some friends. I’m very sad they won’t have lamb, but it will be mostly for the company. I think it’s a buffet, so will have to watch it.

      Happy Easter/Spring

    2. george Post author

      Deb, lots of yummy food on your menu! I’m a big fan of creamed spinach. We’re eating traditional Polish food today: pierogi (the Polish version of ravioli), placek (a coffee cake), and Polish sausage. Rain is in the forecast so we’ll be eating inside despite the 75 degree weather here in Ohio.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    Yum. George and Deb, your dinners sound fantastic to me. My mother used to make a wonderful leg of lamb and Jackie learned it from her. I love that. And the Polish food sounds yummy. I’ll just have chicken soup, roast chicken, a baked potato, and cornbread. This cold has played havoc with my stomach the last two days.

      1. wolfi

        We also got some lamb but are saving it – my wife wanted to cook something out of the ordinary for her family and lamb of course is typical Hungarian staple.

        Btw yesterday our young ones were with us and also an old friend from the USA (born in Ecuador – now living in Hungary …) and I (!) made some Mexican style dishes: Mild chicken and spicy minced meat to fill hard taco shells and soft tortillas, accompanied by a variety of salads, olives, jalapenos and mild peppers, garlic, …
        And everybody enjoyed my simple “gringo guacamole”!

        So my wife had more time to talk to the guest while I was on kitchen duty – of course also doing the dishes i e filling and emptying the dishwasher …

        She however had prepared a really nice fennel soup which I only had to warm up – to which the guests could add some Greek Ouzo to taste.

  6. Rick Robinson

    Happy Easter, George!

    We aren’t lamb eaters. Nor, unless you count regular hot dogs, Polish eaters. We’ll have ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, deviled eggs, cole slaw, apple-cranberry pie with vanilla ice cream.

  7. George Kelley

    Rick, Happy Easter you and yours! We just found out friends are bringing a coconut cream pie and a banana cream pie to add to the desserts. I’m a fan of apple-cranberry pie, too!

  8. Dan

    In my younger days I used to go Easter Egg Hunting: Used a Sharps 30-30 rifle and had native beaters to flush the eggs out of the brush.

  9. Jeff Meyerson

    We’re back. George and Maggie, you would have loved the show. Kevin Kline was fantastic, he absolutely made it special. Most of the cast was good but he was exceptional.

    Maybe it was the chicken soup, but my cold is much better!


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