Just a month ago, the Western NY coronavirus infection rate was 1%. Now it’s 6% and going up. Governor Cuomo has moved us from the Yellow Zone to the Orange Zone. On the horizon is the dreaded Red Zone when everything pretty much shuts down.

The Orange Zone designation forced the closure of my beloved Pool. Gyms and work-out places are also shut-down. No indoor dining in restaurants, but Take-Out is okay. No mass gatherings. Schools are closed for in-person classes, but distance learning is okay.

We’re going backwards. Instead of Opening Up, we’re Closing Down. And with Thanksgiving and the Holidays ahead, the covid-19 numbers are only going to rise. Those vaccines can’t get here fast enough! What are your plans for Thanksgiving and the Holidays?

22 thoughts on “IN THE ORANGE ZONE

  1. Deb

    It’s just going to be the five of us for Thanksgiving, but since two of our three daughters live elsewhere and one spends a lot of time with her boyfriend and his family, I feel as if we have only limited control over our covid situation. All of us are working—John is working from home and so is Julia (for the most part), but I’ve been back at work (public high school) since August and our other two daughters are also working at non-home locations where they can’t always control who they come into contact with. All of us wear masks, and ash our hands frequently, use sanitizer, and maintain safe social distancing, but whether that will be sufficient to avoid getting covid, I’m not sure. The country is fast approaching a point f epic chaos—right now, most ICUs are running out of beds and space (not to mention medical personnel to work the necessary shifts). If it’s any indication of how chaotic things are about to get, it has taken me two weeks to finally get someone on my primary care physician’s staff to send an authorization to the pharmacy to renew one of my regular maintenance medications. Please stay safe everybody!

    1. george Post author

      Deb, we’re doing everything we can to stay safe as the coronavirus numbers spike. The Orange Zone will close a lot of businesses and schools. Libraries are pick-up only now. The vaccine can’t get here fast enough!

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Yeah, it is getting bad everywhere. Even New York, which has been one of the most successful states in beating down the virus since the early horrible days, is going up, though the city is – surprisingly – doing better than a lot of the rest of the state. As George mentioned, Western New York is now the worst section. But I’m afraid too many people are in the “screw you, I’m having EVERYONE over for Thanksgiving” stage, and the numbers are going to go up, fast. We are ahead of the curve, having our usual Thanksgiving for Two. The Mayor is predicting a move to the dread Orange Zone (cue the Twilight Zone music) as soon as early December, and Jackie is planning her hair and manicure visits with an eye to that. (Her next hair dye is a week from Sunday.) It doesn’t help that De Blasio and Cuomo are always at odds, and often seem to be playing “Top This” with our lives.

    This is yet more evidence of the total abdication of Trump as President. From the beginning, unlike any other President in my lifetime, he has refused to lead. He abdicated all responsibilities to the states – a sort of Hunger Games of who got PPEs and medications – rather than actually doing something, and when he did get on television it was only to hog the spotlight and brag about what a great job he did stopping people coming here from China. Then he touted dubious drugs and even disinfectants, he insulted and diminished real doctors’ advice for internet rumors and a radiologist who knows nothing about epidemiology. He not only refused to wear a mask, he mocked people who do. Even getting sick himself (though I know some like Maggie think he was faking it) didn’t teach him anything. And now he is running out the clock on his horrible administration while doing nothing other than claiming that he alone is responsible for the forthcoming vaccine.

    Worst. President. Ever.

    1. george Post author

      Jeff, plenty of people in Western NY rage at Cuomo and his tough actions to stop the coronavirus. But, at least Cuomo is doing something! Trump is oblivious to the coronavirus and the 2000 deaths per day. More than 24,000 people have died from Covid-19 since Election Day!

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    According to today’s NY Times, there were 198,537 new cases yesterday and 1,947 deaths. So, before Thanksgiving we are already at 200,000 cases A DAY and 2,000 people dead.

    Thank you, Donald Trump!

  4. Fred Blosser

    At least, for the better, we’re nearly out of one Orange Zone that we’ve been stuck in for four years. But the damage has been done and even out of office, Trump will continue to dominate the GOP for the foreseeable future. As I tell my wife, Trump is a sociopath who can’t distinguish right from wrong. But what about those who continue to support and enable him? Here in Texas, our worthless governor took one look at the state’s election returns (52% for Trump) and has continued to pursue a denial course on COVID.

    1. george Post author

      Fred, you are so right! It’s not just Trump but the millions of his followers who refuse to wear masks or social distance and think the coronavirus is a hoax!

  5. Patti Abbott

    He is so far beyond the worst President ever, we need a new category. Perhaps the worst person of the 21st century. They had better roll out those vaccines soon. The hospitals here are just about at capacity. We are at a 16% positivity rate.
    And I have to go to one on Tuesday. Eek,

  6. maggie mason

    Patti, you nailed it worst person of the 21st century (I’m stealing that)

    San Diego just got in the purple zone and gyms, few restaurants and churches are going crazy. I’m sure the reason churches are so upset is being unable to pass the collection plate. No more indoor dining. I was surprised to read that hair and nail places can be open with precautions. I wanted to get my hair done before the shut down, but I have been suffering from another cold for the past 3 weeks.

    I have to find a new nail place, as the woman who does my nails doesn’t wear a mask, she folds a scarf up several times, but it falls down. The first time I went during this, after I complained, she put a plastic shield over it. Last time she didn’t. Usually it’s just she & I in the place, but last time the other woman was there (her sister) and a nephew, his wife and child. the wife was the only one wearing a mask. I actually screamed at them to wear a mask and the sister said she had a mask, then I screamed put it on. The problem is all the other nail places I’ve seen are packed. sigh first world problems.

    I still have a bit over $300 of my stimulus $$ left, so will be getting carryout more often when I feel better.

    I’ve been invited to a friends for thanksgiving, just her, her husband, daughter & son in law, but even if I wasn’t sick, I’d stay home. Have some dark meat turkey in the freezer, so will do that.

    Stay safe everyone, especially those of you working with the public. I hope if the virus is approved, they will let first responders and medical personnel, and people doing essential jobs get the first ones. GOP politicians and trumpanzees should be last on the list. Anti maskers should NEVER get one and be contained/locked in large arenas together with food and supplies air lifted and dropped in.

    1. george Post author

      Maggie, our hospitals are dealing with both the coronavirus cases and flu cases. If your symptoms persist for three weeks, you probably don’t have a cold but allergies.

      1. maggie mason

        I do have allergies, but when I have a cold the symptoms last forever.

        SD has 76% of hospital beds filled. At 80% they stop elective surgeries. But the rise in cases, etc. doesn’t stop the anti maskers and others who want their “freedom” – freedom to infect others and spread the virus. Monday a judge will rule on the gyms, churches & (few) restaurants suit to allow them to reopen.
        I hope the judge will look at the increase in infections, deaths, and full hospital beds when he rules.

        I wish the paper would name all the restaurants, etc in the lawsuit. I will never patronize any of them.

      2. george Post author

        Maggie, while Erie County is in the Orange Zone, Niagara County is in the Yellow Zone which allows eat-in dining in restaurants. So Erie County residents are crossing the county line to eat in the dine-in restaurants. Which kinda just encourages the Spread of the coronavirus!

  7. Rick Robinson

    We’re in what is being a Pause. Oregon has been climbing, along with all other states. So bars, restaurants, gyms, etc pretty much shut down. Unfortunately library closed again, though hairdressers stay open. What?? I guess it’s okay, I have plenty of things here to read, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

    Our Thanksgiving plans? Stay home, just the two of us (plus cats). That’s the same as always. I told I don’t want to deal with it, so she’s in charge of the menu. I suspect it’ll be meat loaf, green beans and apple pie. That’s fine, it doesn’t matter to me, this year it’s just another day. I’m looking forward to the pie.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, all of our hair salons and barber shops are closed. Same with tattoo parlors and nail places. Our menu for Thanksgiving is still being planned.

  8. Kent Morgan

    Manitoba has been Code Red for about a week. However, the government clarified some of the confusing points and as of yesterday at midnight the regulations became much clearer and tighter. For example, big box stores such as Costco that are open can no longer sell anything other than essentials. Before the small shops that sold items other than groceries had to close while the Costcos were selling anything on their shelves. Now those areas are either completely covered or have caution notices wrapped around them. A friend was in a large grocery store yesterday morning and said the magazine section was gone. And you can’t buy a book anywhere. And i guess booze and pot are considered to be essetials as the stores remain open.

    1. george Post author

      Kent, our liquor stores are considered “essential” too. Fortunately, I have a vast supply of books so the shutdown of bookstores and Libraries doesn’t bother me much.

  9. wolf

    I wish you all (and the whole world …) the very best in this crazy pandemic.
    In Europe we also have the anti-maskers and Qanon has been telling everybody that Covid is just a hoax.
    We’ll stay at home essentially until Xmas, go out only for shopping and if everything’s ok will have my wife’s family (him, his wife and their daughter) here for day’s visits but not overnight. Luckily it’s less than an hour by car for them.

    Re Trump and his (non-) handling of Covid:
    I just found a fantastic cartoonist – Andrew Marlton from Australia who has been doing for more than 10 years:
    First Dog on the Moon!
    A nice example:
    Is he well known in the USA?

    1. wolf

      Sorry, “my wife’s family” should have been her son, his wife and their daughter of course.
      The little girl loves my wife so much – and like her father she’s growing up to be a big SF fan, exactly like my wife and me.
      Totally OT:
      What would you have thought is the probability of an old geezer like me (was already over 60 then) of finding a woman who also loves SF and Blues&Rock music in a foreign country?
      We are so happy – have to do Thanksgiving to that woman friend who introduced us to each other 14 years ago!

    2. Jeff Meyerson

      Thanks, Wolf. Not known by me. Can’t speak for anyone else. I like the poll watcher jokes. Unfortunately, people like Don, Jr. and Rudy and the rest would repeat them as true.

    3. george Post author

      Wolf, I don’t know Andrew Marlton so I’ll have check his work out. QAnon has been generating conspiracy theories and Fake News on a consistent basis over here.


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