Stan Burns alerted me to this value Blu-ray: four Jackie Chan movies for the price of one. I bought this on AMAZON for $13.49. If you’re in the mood for action, Operation Condor, Operation Condor 2, Project A, and Project A 2 will give you an adrenaline rush. And this would make a great stocking stuffer for the martial arts fan on your gift list! Check out the wacky highlights to Operation Condor below.

10 thoughts on “JACKIE CHAN 4 FILM COLLECTION [Blu-ray]

    1. george Post author

      Yes, I have read Dan Stumpf’s Jackie Chan review, Steve. It’s good of you to bring it to a new audience. I’ve always found Jackie Chan movies to be fun viewing.

  1. Stan Burns

    Great movies from when Jackie Chan was at his peak. Now he is selling V-8 juice . . .

    I bought this collection too, lots of fun. I saw most of these movies on rented imported Japanese Laserdiscs years ago – in the original Chinese with Japanese subtitles. My friends and I would watch them just for the terrific stunts – we had no idea what was going on. Later we would go to the Lammeile theater in West Hollywood (that specialized in imported movies) – and saw them with terrible captioning. But the stunts!

    The Operation Condor movies are Jackie Chan’s answer to Indiana Jones.


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