The 5-5 Buffalo Bills face the pesky 2-8 Jacksonville Jaguars. Last season, the Jaguars beat the Bills in London, 34-31. I expect the same type of close game today. The weather for this game at the end of November is mild: the temps should be in the 40s with no rain or ice or snow in the forecast. How will your favorite NFL team do today?


  1. Jeff Meyerson

    If the Giants ever had a game on the schedule they were guaranteed to win (they don’t), it would be today against the hapless 0-11 Browns in Cleveland. Let’s hope they aren’t looking ahead to next week.

  2. Deb

    The 4-6 Saints take on the 4-6 Rams in the Superdome today. The Saints have experienced several heartbreaking, last minute (literally) losses this season; they could easily be 8-2–but they’re not. Drew Breese and the Saints offense keep running up the score, but the team’s defense can’t seem to keep any opposing team in check. As with the rest of the season, I expect a high-scoring game (both teams in double digits) with the winner being decided on the last play.

  3. Bill Crider

    The woeful Texans somehow are leading their division. Maybe they can beat the even more woeful Chargers, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  4. maggie mason

    Bill, the paper had an article about JJ Watt’s brother (a charger) regretting his brother won’t play today, so they could play against each other. I should think he’d be grateful.

  5. Rick Robinson

    George, I think the Bills will wine today, and Jeff, the Giants will definitely beat the woeful Browns. As for the Seahawks, the story is injuries, injuries. The center, first string running back, a linebacker and several other players are out. The Bucs won last week and may have a shot again today. Don’t be surprised if there’s an upset.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, an NFL season is a game of attrition. Injuries hit all the teams at different times. Juggling lineups and grooming backups seems to be the different between winning and losing.

  6. Rick Robinson

    Seattle is awful so far! One 3-and-out vs. two TDs for Tampa Bay. Injuries, and more injuries. The offensive line is hampered and weak. This may be the game that shows up all the Seahawk weaknesses, and right now they are many. It’s hard to watch, and I have to go out in the cold wind and rain sometime today, might as well go now. I’ll check back (much) later.

  7. Rick Robinson

    Bob, The defense didn’t allow any score after the first two drives, but that was all it took.

    I saw the 4th Quarter. The offense had nothing this week, Wilson ran for his life, the receivers couldn’t break free, and more injuries. If the division wasn’t so weak, they wouldn’t even have much shot at the playoffs, but with all the other teams in the NFC West losing, Seahawks are still leading.


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