Dune by Frank Herbert is one of Science Fiction’s classic novels. Neither David Lynch’s version or the old Sci-Fi Channel’s version did justice to the book. Alejandro Jodorowsky conceived a legendary cinematic treatment of Dune back in the 1970s. Salvador Dali, Orson Wells, and Mick Jagger all signed on for the film. Jodoroswky’s Dune shows the treatment that was taken to Hollywood. Artwork by Chris Foss, Moebius, and H.R. Giger. Special effects by Dan O’Bannon. But the movie was never made. It was too radical, too far ahead of its time. When the creative team broke up, all these talented people went in different directions. Dan O’Bannon and H.R. Giger got involved with the movie Alien. George Lucas and Star Wars have aspects of the never-made Dune. Blade Runner and Prometheus by Ridley Scott includes elements from Dune. I loved this wonderful documentary. GRADE: A

11 thoughts on “JODOROWSKY’S DUNE

  1. Sergio (Tipping My Fedora)

    I have to see this now – thanks George. I saw the Lynch version at the cinema when it came out and was confounded by it and repulsed in equal measure though I think it does have some greatness in it too. I actually quite enjoyed the TV iteration – but it was all so long ago …

  2. Richard R.

    What is this, George? A current film, a television show, a You-Tube thingie? I’ve not heard of it until his post.

    Re: Dune, I don’t understand why no one could have made a straight forward film of the book, without all the SFX and whoo-whoo scenes. The story itself is enough.

    1. george Post author

      Rick, thanks for pointing out the typo. I was impressed by the process Jodorowsky went through to do a film treatment. You would enjoy artists Chris Foss (one of my favorite SF artists) and H. R. Giger. Great artwork!

  3. Steve Oerkfitz

    Haven’t seen this but I doubt a good movie would have been made. I find most of his films pretentious messes(El Topo, Holy Mountain), but did like Sante Sangre.


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