According to the latest QUEST newsletter on prostate cancer, two studies produced some interesting findings:

1. According to a study in Urology (Oct. 2016 issue) men with a PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) score of 1.5 or less have a low risk of developing clinically significant cancer within 5 years.

2. A four year study of 4,000 men found that men who drank more than three cups of coffee per day lowered their risk of prostate cancer by 53%.

My father had prostate cancer (and had it surgically removed) so my urologists monitor my PSA results closely. My most recent PSA score was 1.1 and although I’ve had people roll their eyes when I tell them I drank 10 cups of coffee a day for years (I’ve tapered off to 6-7 cups since I retired), I’ve always believed coffee had health benefits even though it was demonized in recent years. Do you drink coffee?


  1. Steve Oerkfitz

    Never drank coffee. My dad drank coffee at work but seldom drank it at home so I wasn’t exposed to it early on. Nothing wrong with it just never got into the habit. Same with smoking. Sure glad of that. No prostate cancer in my family.

  2. wolf

    Good news for you re your prostate, George! I’m also having that yearly check – last time the doc didn’t use his fingers anymore but had a kind of ultrasonic stick which produced a picture on a screen.

    Re coffee:
    I need two cups of strong (!) filter coffee in the morning to be able to function “normally” and my wife has three but she also adds some espresso in the afternoon where I just add another cup.

    Btw “strong” coffee might have a different meaning in the USA and Europe – I remember from my first visits more than 30 years ago that US coffee was much too weak for us. So on one of my next trips I bought soluble coffee to add to the standard “Blümchenkaffee” we got.

    Blümchenkaffee literally translated means flower coffee – because the coffee is so weak/thin (as we call it) that you can see the flowerdesign through the water …

    Do you like espresso too?

    1. george Post author

      Wolf, Starbucks sells an espresso drink called DOUBLESHOT. They’re sold in tiny little cans, but they taste great! Every day I brew a pot of coffee in my BRAUN coffee maker. Usually, I use Starbucks WILLOW or VERANDA Blonde coffee.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Do I drink coffee? Does the Pope sh!t in the woods, as Lily Tomlin asked in THE LATE SHOW.

    My parents both drank coffee black and unsweetened, so I learned to drink it that way too. I still do. Jackie is a Starbucks fanatic, however, ever since she got her first card as a retirement gift, and we go there almost every afternoon, (Surprisingly, there are three in our neighborhood.) Frankly, it’s too strong for my liking these days, so I started adding Half & Half and Splenda. If it’s a warm day, I prefer the iced coffee (Jackie prefers cold brew). I get a grande in a venti cup with extra room and not too much ice. Of course, Jackie buys the reusable cups.

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    I’m always surprised at how many of our friends do NOT drink coffee at all. Bill, Beth, Maggie, Jeff and Ann, not a coffee drinker among them. I can’t imagine doing without it.

  5. Dan

    I drink about 2 pots (10 cups) a day and aside from fits of uncontrollable, often violent, rage suffer no ill effects at all.

  6. Rick Robinson

    Two cups every morning, black, no sugar. Starbucks Gold Coast (they sometimes label it “Morning Joe”) or Yukon, both considered Bold. Occasionally if I have an upset stomach (this morning) I skip it. In the afternoon I drink iced tea. And always water. LOTS of water, 72-90 ounces a day.

    My last PSA was 0.02

  7. Maggie mason

    My dislike of coffee is due to the taste, and even aroma. My first semi job for pay was at 14 years old, once a month cleaning up after a senior group at my church. The group was called the borrowed time club and they had cake or pie and coffee in big coffee makers (probably 50-60 people). The smell of the grounds was so horrible I threw up, and then on had a friend come with me who would handle that. I think I got $12 each month. I think I did it for 6-8 months.

    I can’t even eat coffee in desserts or anything. I’ve been reviewing menus in Toronto and saw one item that looked wonderful, but had coffee as an ingredient, so won’t try that.

    I love tea, but only flavored tea with splenda (1-2 packets), though I will have regular tea if I can get it with REAL cream. I have a ton of tea on hand, and have to restrain myself if I see a new interesting flavor.

    1. Jeff Meyerson

      No tirimasu, then?

      We used to have one of those big urns. Jackie used it for parties and for events at school. I never heard of that kind of severe reaction.

      1. Maggie mason

        had tiramasu once and had one bite and stopped when tasted the coffee

        yes, bad reaction, but it was an urnful of grounds a cup I can tolerate the odor never the taste

  8. Jeff Meyerson

    In England I always drank tea with milk.

    Jackie sometimes has your “smell” problem with eggs. Occasionally, if I make eggs for breakfast she will say the smell bothers her so much she leaves the room. She doesn’t eat eggs, ever, hasn’t had one since she was three years old. (Yes, she eats things made with eggs.)


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