It’s been seven years since Sarah McLachlan’s last new CD. Too long! Laws of Illusion shows Sarah in fine voice. I love all the songs, especially “Don’t Give Up On Us.” I have all of Sarah McLachlan’s CDs, I’ve seen her in concert three times, and if she’s touring within driving distance of my home, I’ll go listen to her again. This isn’t so much a review as a product announcement. GRADE: A
1 Awakenings 4:08
2 Illusions Of Bliss 3:53
3 Loving You Is Easy 3:03
4 Changes 3:44
5 Forgiveness 3:49
6 Rivers Of Love 3:54
7 Love Come 3:33
8 Out Of Tune 3:51
9 Heartbreak 4:07
10 Don’t Give Up On Us 3:37
11 U Want Me 2 4:07
12 Bring On The Wonder 2:56
13 Loving You Is Easy Acustic / Version 3:36
14 Love Come Piano Version / Version 4:04

10 thoughts on “LAWS OF ILLUSION By Sarah McLachlan

  1. Patti Abbott

    Just read an article about some of this year’s Lilith tour has been canceled. She started it all but at a time when female singers were struggling for an audience. Now it feels like there are two female singers to every male. She may have helped the next generation along more than anyone. And she sings good, too.

    1. george Post author

      I have no objectivity when it comes to Sarah McLachlan, Patti. I’ve loved her music for years. The recession is killing many music tours this summer. People just don’t have $100 to buy a ticket; they’re just trying to make their rent or mortgage payment.

  2. Richard Robinson

    Am I missing something, or is the song you posted her singing not on this album? Hmm, seems to be a vampire-Jesus-Voodoo song, pretty weird. Interesting voice, but I can’t say much for the music behind her. $100 to buy a ticket? You meant to say FOUR tickets, right? No one in their right mind would buy a $100 concert ticket, except, perhaps, you and Jeff. Okay, okay, you’ll tell me I’m way behind the times, but I certainly wouldn’t have that kind of dough to spend on a ticket. If I did, I’d buy books anyway.

    1. george Post author

      None of the songs on LAWS OF ILLUSION are on YouTube yet, Rick. So I picked one of Sarah’s songs with a mystery theme: “Building a Mystery.” It gives you the flavor of her work. Concert tickets can be insanely expensive. The tickets for the Barbra Streisand concert went for over $1000. There aren’t many performers I’d shell out that kind of money to hear.

  3. Richard Robinson

    Wow. Let’s see, how many paperbacks could I buy for $1000? Maybe 120. Let’s see, Streisand in concert or 120 books. That’s an easy pick for me, but then I never cared much for her anyway.

  4. Todd Mason

    But, then, they are chumps.

    I assume you’ve seen/heard the newest SMc AUSTIN CITY LIMITS?

    And I’m surprised the timely relevancy of the ROLLING STONE issue featuring “Lady Gaga” on the cover with her wearing little more than breast rifles didn’t lead you to post that image…just as a coversation starter, mind you.

    1. george Post author

      Lady Gaga showed up outside the Yankee locker room last week dressed in bikini bottoms and a Yankee t-shirt, Todd. She’s making a fashion statement.


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